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Life Sciences Research Lab

Fast, accurate answers for discovery, safety and efficacy.

Battelle is a global leader in Life Sciences Research by virtue of our integrated scientific and technological capabilities. Learn more >

DeviceSecure for Medical Devices

Protecting medical devices from cyber threats

DeviceSecure Services® provides a complete solution to your challenges in cybersecurity for medical devices. Learn more >
LSR Biodefense

​High Containment Toxicology

Battelle is one of only a few high-containment facilities in the nation capable of conducting GLP-compliant safety and efficacy testing in a variety of models. Read more >

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Battelle SiteGuard® Active Shooter Response
Building with people walking around.

Safeguard against active shooter events.

Using indoor and outdoor gunshot detection sensors, SiteGuard® Active Shooter Response (ASR) locates the origin of a gunshot and immediately begins executing automated actions. Read more >

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Solving What Matters Most

Since 1929, Battelle has put teams of technologists and engineers together to overcome the biggest challenges in the world. From strengthening national security to improving healthcare outcomes, with Battelle . . . it can be done.

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woman working on a surface in a lab
Three Ways the Science of Surfaces is Changing Your Life
Posted by Battelle Staff on Sept. 20, 2016
A surface at its most basic is just the outside layer of an object. But there is significant power in a surface – especially when you add in some top-notch, breakthrough  science. Read more >
person working in a lab
Massively Parallel Sequencing Likely to be a Game Changer
Posted by Battelle Staff on Sept. 16, 2016
Science has come a long way in identifying human remains, thanks in no small part to the implementation of DNA profiling. But it’s often not as easy as TV crime shows might have you believe. Read more >
man looking at cyber data on a screen
Looking for a Job in Cyber? Here's What You Should Do.
Posted by Battelle Staff on Sept. 13, 2016
From mission support and connected vehicles to medical device protection and ethical hackers – there’s never been a better time for a cyber career. But there are some gaps in the candidate pool.  Read more >