Welder in orange jumpsuit and blue helmet welding.

Battelle Verity®

Unparalleled accuracy in structural stress analysis.

If your job includes predicting the fatigue life of welded structures, there’s a tool you should know about – a finite-element (FE) analysis tool that provides you new levels of accuracy and reliability across even the most complex welded joints.

Battelle Verity® postprocessor software uses a patented structural stress methodology. It takes an entirely mesh-size-insensitive approach to weld-fatigue analysis, offering significant benefits to users across applications and industries.

Dependable Quality Improvements

Battelle Verity’s mesh-insensitivity translates into accuracy regardless of the computerized model’s detail. That means consistently reliable prediction of welded-structure fatigue life – and, as a result, routine achievement of compromise-free quality improvements.

Verity’s advantages include:

  • Elimination of the variability associated with mesh-sensitive analysis
  • Reduced failures and warranty claims
  • Easy, efficient and automated operation that’s compatible with existing Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software
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Significant Cost Savings

As users in a variety of fields are demonstrating daily, Verity can have a substantial impact on an organization’s bottom line, through:

  • Optimizing material usage
  • Reducing Computer-Assisted Engineering (CAE) and FEA modeling time
  • Lowering development costs by minimizing fatigue-testing requirements
  • Lowering compliance costs by inspecting components against fatigue criteria