The Battelle Village

Take a trip to the Battelle medical research facility, oilfield, house, factory, farm and hospital and learn how Battelle advancements impact our daily lives.

The Battelle Village highlights a sampling of real-life Battelle innovations. For those interested in agriculture and environmental science, the farm should be your first stop. While the hospital illustrates Battelle’s medical device and product innovations, the oilfield provides insight to some of our energy-related ingenuity. And our most recent addition – the Medical Research Facility – provides detail on our usability laboratory (where medical device prototypes are used by focus group participants and evaluated by Battelle medical device design experts) and our medical readiness and response expertise.

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Recent Updates

The Medical Research Facility

Find out how the medical device usability studies conducted in our uLab impact medical device development. Or take the elevator down one floor to learn how our experts can train medical staff for rapid and effective response to an unexpected crisis or natural disaster.

Battelle uLab from the Battelle Village