Battelle VITAL™

Better drivers mean better margins.

Advantages that are anything but standard.

Battelle VITAL™ is the fully integrated, end-to-end telematics solution that provides a full complement of data collection, analytics and reporting, without the high costs and data overload associated with less sophisticated approaches.  

VITAL (Vehicle Initiated Telematics and Logging) offers a combination of capabilities that is not available in other telematics products.  Unlike other solutions, Battelle VITAL uses non-standard data to provide clients with previously unavailable insight into driver behaviors, making it easy to reward good driving with discounted rates—and to encourage continuous improvement in behind-the-wheel behaviors. The only telematics solution that provides drivers with real-time coaching/feedback, Battelle VITAL gives drivers the ability to identify problem driving while it occurs and then correct it.

The results: Reduced risk and claims outlays. A stronger competitive position. And valuable gains in customer loyalty. 

Put the full power of telematics to work.

VITAL delivers advantages unavailable in any other telematics product. Drive up profitability with the solution that is:

Affordable: Get a broader scope of telematics data at a lower cost—and avoid high monthly cellular fees, subscription services and extreme power consumption. Lower the total cost of ownership for every customer in your telematics program.

Private: People don’t want their every move monitored. And it’s not necessary. Our telematics solution delivers more useful data without GPS tracking.

Compatible: Our solution is fully compatible with all vehicles made since 1996. It works with just about any smart phone. It’s even Apple-certified.

Reliable: From engineering through support, Battelle puts performance first. We manage the system’s entire lifecycle—including customizing, operating and servicing. We can even provide data management and analytics, if you like.


Man behind the wheel of a car driving on a road, using the Battelle VITAL app on his smart phone.

Battelle VITAL™ Instructions

This instructional video will show you how to install the Battelle VITAL™ module.