Cyber Innovations

The next generation of cyber operations and security.

Enhance your cyber operations and stay ahead of emerging threats to keep your data, people, systems and infrastructure safe and secure. Battelle works with corporate and government clients to solve some of today’s most perplexing cyber challenges and prepare for the changing cyber landscape of tomorrow. Our innovative solutions challenge conventional problem-solving approaches without sacrificing scientific integrity.

Battelle’s “Connect & Innovate” model enables real-time collaboration among government agencies, academia and industry to solve real-world operational problems in a learning lab environment and accelerate the education and development of the next-generation cyber workforce. Our unique collaborative approach builds resilient, trusted networks of problem solvers that increase our national capacity to execute missions.


Eliminate the risk of counterfeiting through the authentication of circuits and microchips in your supply chain.
  • BATTELLE  Barricade™: is a new technology providing authentication of integrated circuits from both trusted and untrusted sources, and eliminating the risk of counterfeit or clone devices in aerospace and defense systems, critical infrastructure, medical devices and other critical systems.

Mobile & Embedded Systems

Secure everything from your personal mobile devices to vehicle-embedded systems without interrupting their use and deployment.

  • Establish and manage security for the rapidly growing number of diverse mobile and wireless devices.
  • Provide systematic methods for integrated safety, reliability and security of embedded systems that are widely used in transportation systems.
  • Benefit from the best young minds working together with government, industry, and academia at the annual Battelle CyberAuto Challenge™.

Mission-Focused Tools & Advanced Technology

Improve mission outcomes by developing security solutions that combine hardware and software vulnerability discovery, reverse engineering capabilities, cyber forensics expertise and specialized tools and facilities, with a focus on elegantly simple security design.

  • Analyze large amounts of data in a short amount of time with BATTELLE Cantor Dust©, an interactive binary visualization tool for rapid reverse engineering and forensic analysis.
  • Stream and simultaneously query real-time, frequently changing data with Battelle Ignite, a cross–platform data visualization and analytics engine that leverages multi-touch technology to rapidly visualize almost any structured data set.

Architecture & Advisory Services

Solve your most urgent and complex cyber security challenges with actionable, trusted guidance that aligns IT security with your business objectives for confident decision-making across your entire organization.

  • Enterprise-wide security policy development
  • Identity management & Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) implementation
  • Full lifecycle certification and accreditation
  • Departmental level ISSO/ISSM support

Cyber Intelligence & Counter-Intelligence

Fill critical gaps in cyber operational knowledge and capabilities with holistic cyber intelligence products and solutions that reveal the connections between cyber entities or activities and real-world adversaries. Battelle provides actionable intelligence to help you protect networks and critical infrastructure and thwart cyber-attacks, -crime and –espionage, using subscription-based cyber threat intelligence services. 

Quantum Key Distribution: Provably Secure Encryption

Proven by the laws of physics to help secure the sensitive data we deliver—today and into the future.