Trust, safety and environmental stewardship.

Address high-hazard operations and mitigate operational risks to protect the general public, workers and the environment during chemical weapons cleanup operations. Disposal of chemical weapons presents inherent risks to worker and public safety and the environment. Battelle has established a trusted reputation in developing solutions to reduce the operational risks to acceptable levels.

  • Chemical Weapons Demilitarization Operations: Protect worker safety and ensure environmental compliance with Battelle’s chemical agent air monitoring, environmental permitting and compliance services and specialized pilot technologies expertise. Our highly trained staff collects and analyzes thousands of air samples daily to ensure that operations schedules and cost performance goals for industrial facilities are met. Environmental regulators and other stakeholders recognize the value of Battelle’s expertise in the science and technology behind safely disposing of chemical agents.
  • Demilitarization Products: Reduce operational lifecycle costs in air monitoring, laboratory information management and detection of buried munitions with Battelle’s industry-leading technical innovations, including its new release of Battelle AirAlert™, an easy-to-use, portable system to detect airborne chemicals.
  • Laboratory Management & Support Services: Reduce operational costs and risks with just-in-time decision quality analytics and 24/7 operational support to reduce the lag between sample collection and high quality analytical results.
  • High-Hazard Risk Mitigation: Identify and mitigate high-hazard conditions on mega programs with Battelle’s world-class technical expertise during design, construction, systemization and operations.