Analytical Lab Services

Objective Answers for Environmental Monitoring and Oil Spill Response

When you need accurate, defensible data, trust Battelle. We do more than routine analytical testing—we solve problems. We offer a full range of analytical services to help our oil & gas clients make effective decisions for exploration, productions, resource allocation, source attribution and environmental stewardship. 

Our experienced scientists help you look beyond the numbers to extract meaningful information from the data. Whether you are investigating a potential accidental release, gathering data to meet EPA requirements, or simply monitoring ongoing activities, we’ll make sure you have defensible data and clear explanations to help you develop a path forward. And we’ll do it right the first time, so you can minimize time and costs and make confident decisions for development or remediation.

Hydrocarbon Forensics

When you need to know exactly where hydrocarbon contaminants have originated, we can help.  Battelle’s team of experienced hydrocarbon chemists offers rapid response, accurate analysis and an integrated analytical and statistical approach to hydrocarbon forensics. Traditional EPA methods do not target all of the analytes needed for accurate hydrocarbon source identification. Our methods go beyond minimum EPA requirements to enhance detection limits, reduce false positives and negatives, and provide better data for more accurate source attribution.

Our unique laboratory and research facilities employ advanced biomarker and other high resolution analysis and chemometric capabilities to detect and identify petroleum hydrocarbons in sensitive environments and track their dispersion, transformation and ultimate fate. We conduct sophisticated analysis to support advanced hydrocarbon composition analysis, toxicology studies, water accommodated fraction/chemically enhanced water accommodated fraction (WAF/CEWAF) studies, ecological risk assessment, fingerprinting, and source attribution.

Battelle delivers:

  • Rapid response for time-dependent investigations
  • Accurate product identification (fingerprinting) to determine source(s) and relative contribution
  • Reliable data for assessment of environmental impact, legal responsibility and liability issues
  • Analysis of biodegradation and environmental impact for more efficient spill response

Hydrocarbon Forensics


GC/FID Analysis


GC/MS Analysis




Volatile Analysis

  • Saturated Hydrocarbons

  • Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons

  • Isoprenoids


  • Polycyclic Aromatic

  • Hydrocarbon (PAH)

  • Alkylated PAH

  • Petroleum Biomarkers

  • Steranes/diasteranes

    • Hopanes

    • Sesquiterpanes


  • Dispersants components (DOSS)



    • Paraffins

    • Isoparaffins

    • Aromatics

    • Naphthenics

    • Olefins

  • Oxygenates and other additives

Analytical Chemistry

Effective remediation and site characterization requires accurate information. Battelle offers a full range of analytical services to help you monitor environmental impact, meet regulatory and permitting requirements, and make confident decisions. Our experienced teams apply advanced analytical methods, including LC/MS/MS, GCxGC, TOF, and other instrumentation, to address routine studies and unique challenges. We provide data with low-level method detection limits (MDLs) and rigorous method quality objectives (MQOs) to ensure that your study will fully meet regulatory requirements.

We can meet all your analytical and remediation needs. We offer advanced biological analysis for toxicology, exposure and biological impact studies, along with effective solutions for soil, sediment and groundwater remediation. From data collection to remedy selection, we can help you every step of the way. 

Our services include:

  • Environmental Monitoring And Compliance: Get precise, accurate data about hydrocarbons, Persistent Environmental Pollutants (POPs) and other contaminants, and prioritize actions for regulatory compliance.
  • New Method Development: If the right method doesn’t exist, we can develop one for you. Our chemists are highly experienced in developing and validating novel methods that expand the range of potential analytes and matrices. We have helped to develop methods that are still in use today by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and other federal agencies. 

Environmental Services

  • Human health and ecological risk assessment
  • Environmental baseline studies
  • Environmental assessment and monitoring
  • Prioritization of actions for reducing pollutants
  • Method development
  • Performance verification
  • Data and report preparation
  • Level IV litigation quality, validation packages