Pipeline Integrity

Protecting and Sustaining your Valuable Assets

Extend the service life of valuable infrastructure assets and reduce the risk of costly and dangerous failures. Battelle is pioneering new materials, technologies and methods to help you assess and improve the integrity of critical pipeline and infrastructure components.

Risk Assessment

Understand and predict how your pipeline components will perform under certain operating conditions. Whether that is predicting anomaly growth and the subsequent reduction in pipe integrity or understanding threats of third party extrusion, seismic loads, or otherwise external loads, we give you accurate, objective data so you can make confident decisions about infrastructure investment.

Our risk assessment services include economic analysis so you can see how you will be impacted financially and make effective, science-based decisions on asset monitoring, repair and replacement. We look not only at safety but also at health and environmental risks related to accidental releases, equipment failures, fires and explosions, construction accidents and many other types of events. By analyzing the consequences and pairing them with the probability of occurrence, we can develop a comprehensive risk matrix that quantifies all of your potential risks and consequences in economic terms.

Corrosion Detection, Prevention and Mitigation

Protect your pipelines from the dangers of corrosion. Battelle is working to expand the understanding of corrosion processes and develop new technologies and materials that resist degradation in even the harshest environments. Our pioneering work in smart coatings has led to innovations like the Battelle Smart Corrosion Detector® Bead, an innovative smart bead that both detects and mitigates corrosion as soon as it starts. We’re also leading the way in the fight against microbially influenced corrosion (MIC) with new technologies like antimicrobial wraps for offshore equipment and a hand-held field detection kit to diagnose MIC on the spot. At Battelle’s Florida Materials Research Facility, researchers conduct atmospheric exposure studies in one of the most corrosive environments in the United States to better understand how different materials respond to corrosion and which remedies work best for prevention and mitigation.     

Technology Assessment

Need new technology solutions to address pipeline challenges? Our Technology Assessment team can help you identify the best technology solutions, analyze market opportunities for existing technologies, and evaluate the potential impact of emerging technologies on your business. As an objective third party, we offer unbiased assessments of technologies for applications such as leak detection, third party intrusion, live integrity monitoring, fugitive emissions, and non-destructive evaluations to name a few. We use a systematic approach honed through decades of experience to help oil & gas companies match the right technology solutions to their goals for profitability, sustainability and growth. 

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