Pipeline Safety & Integrity

Protecting and sustaining your valuable assets.

Extend the service life of valuable infrastructure assets and reduce the risk of costly and dangerous failures. Battelle is pioneering new materials, technologies and methods to help you assess and improve the integrity of critical pipeline and infrastructure components.

Corrosion Technologies

Don’t let corrosion erode your bottom line. Battelle is working to expand the understanding of corrosion processes and develop new technologies and materials that resist degradation in even the harshest environments.

  • Smart Coatings: Prevent, detect and control corrosion with “self healing” smart coatings, such as the Battelle Smart Corrosion Detector® that prevents corrosion for pipeline integrity, high-temperature elastic materials, and a new generation of cement and wellbore integrity testing technologies.
  • Biocorrosion: Battelle is applying the latest advances in metagenomics to advance the understanding of biocorrosion processes and find new techniques for mitigation.
  • Marine and Atmospheric Corrosion Studies: Battelle’s Florida Materials Research Facility specializes in the evaluation of materials in a subtropical marine environment, including natural weathering, marine immersion, corrosion and dynamic testing.

In-Line Inspection

Find and mitigate potential problems in your pipeline before a spill occurs. We offer:

  • Winch-pull testing, 2-8 mph speeds and 40,000 lb pull force
  • Hydrostatic pressure tests
  • Spike pressure tests

Structural Integrity Testing

Understand and predict how your pipeline components will perform in the environment. We give you accurate, objective data so you can make confident decisions about infrastructure investment.

  • Battelle Verity®: Get accurate stress analysis for the fatigue design of welded structures. Our patented, R&D 100 award-winning technology uses mesh-insensitive structural methodology for more detailed, accurate analysis of complex structures.
  • Path-Dependent Maximum Range (PDMR): Assess fatigue lives for welded and non-welded structures under general, variable amplitude, and multi-axial fatigue loading histories. PDMR has been validated by leading industry experts and adopted by Bureau Veritas as a new guidance for fatigue design of off-shore structures. 
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Battelle Pipeline Technologies

Battelle's advanced pipeline technologies predict failure, allowing you to stay ahead of the game and get your oil and gas where it needs to go.