​Healthcare Analytics

Translating Data into Actionable Information

Make better decisions for healthcare quality improvement, strategic market planning or public policy. No matter what kind of numbers you need to crunch, we’ve got the analytical expertise and technical capabilities to help. 

We leverage sophisticated analytical, computational and bioinformatics methods to help you identify meaningful and relevant patterns, determine which programs and policies are most effective, and make informed and timely decisions. Our integrated services include statistical and semantic methods of analysis, modeling and simulation, and high-performance computing capabilities for effective data acquisition, analysis and integration.


Environmental Health Research

From chemical exposure to climate change, environmental health encompasses some of today’s most critical and complex public health challenges. Our research has been used to set EPA priorities for chemical exposure and help private and public entities balance and manage environmental risks.

  • TSCA Characterization
  • Toxicology
  • Exposure studies

See how we can help solve your environmental health challenges.

Battelle WayFinder™ Q.I. Dashboard

WayFinder is a cloud-based quality improvement analytics tool that helps you organize, display and analyze AHRQ, CMS and other quality indicators. WayFinder helps hospitals, hospital systems and other organizations concerned with healthcare quality improvement analyze trends, monitor performance and identify areas for improvement.

Learn how your hospital can leverage data for improved patient outcomes.

Battelle EluciData™

EluciData™ is a powerful analytical program that brings new insight to complex medical questions. EluciData collects and analyzes data from multiple sources like patient medical records, body-worn medical sensors, clinical devices, diagnostics, imaging, billing records and more to enable smarter devices, better decisions and more personalized patient care. 

Learn how EluciData can bring new understanding to complex questions.


Battelle SmartVision™

SmartVision™ combines human subject matter expertise and advanced analytical methods developed for national security and defense to detect patterns in vast amounts of unstructured data. SmartVision tracks thousands of topics of interest in blogs, social media, news sources, scientific journals, government sites and more to discover and predict changes in consumer sentiment, government regulation and scientific opinion. 

Learn how SmartVision can help you optimize your opportunities and mitigate risks.


Battelle Sematrix™

When you need deep understanding of a topic, Sematrix can help. An automated system that can rapidly collect, process and accurately identify granular scientific and technical knowledge, Sematrix can provide answers to complex questions. The output is stored as linked axioms in a semantic knowledgebase that can be queried and visualized to identify and track targets (e.g. scientists, domains, topics), knowledge gaps, biases and tendencies and discover tacit or hidden patterns of relationships between scientists, organizations, and research activities.

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