Battelle WayFinder™ Q.I. Dashboard

Better Data Leads to Better Patient Outcomes

Find the actionable information hiding in your patient data. Battelle WayFinder™ Q.I. Dashboard puts current hospital quality data at your fingertips to help you achieve better patient outcomes and improved reimbursement rates.

WayFinder is a cloud-based quality improvement analytics tool that helps you organize, display and analyze AHRQ, CMS and other quality indicators. WayFinder helps hospitals, hospital systems and other organizations concerned with healthcare quality improvement analyze trends, monitor performance and identify areas for improvement.

With the Wayfinder™ Q.I. Dashboard, you can:

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Track Recent Clinical Performance

Get current information that reflects what is happening in your hospital now. WayFinder eliminates the “seven-quarter lag” common to AHRQ reports so you can review expected vs. observed performance in real time and make timely decisions to improve CMS reimbursement rates and patient outcomes.

Quality Indicator

View Each Quality Indicator in Detail

Now you can not only see your data, but also understand it. With WayFinder, you can review specific adverse event details, including days of care and associated costs, and see the proportion of adverse events that were potentially preventable.

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Compare Other Hospitals & Health Systems

Compare your hospital’s performance to multiple hospital peer groups, including high performers. With WayFinder, you can benchmark your hospital’s performance within your system, your state and nationally.

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Access Actionable Data

Monitor the patient encounters that drive your quality scores. WayFinder gives you meaningful, easy-to-understand reports so you can identify the most preventable events and determine the changes that will have the maximum impact on patient outcomes and quality scores.
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Who Should Use WayFinder

We created WayFinder to support hospitals, hospital systems, hospital associations and membership organizations, and other organizations working to improve healthcare quality.

Quality Departments

Department Chairs


Chief Compliance Officers

Data Scientists/Analytics Team

Clinical Departments


CMIOs/Chief Transformation Officers