​Homeland Security & Public Safety

Ensuring the integrity of essential systems.

Safeguarding assets like nuclear power plants, critical DOD buildings, airports and mass transit systems from natural disasters, terrorist threats and man-made disasters is essential to protecting our citizens. Battelle works with clients in transportation systems, government and military facilities, dams and levees and chemical facilities to enhance and protect critical infrastructure and ensure cost-effective operational performance for years to come.

We provide thought leadership to solve critical infrastructure challenges through our integrated interdisciplinary technical expertise, test and evaluation capabilities, advanced custom software tools and innovative product offerings.


Increase the capacity, efficiency, reliability and security of your transportation systems. Battelle provides innovative technology and technical services with an emphasis on development of intelligent transportation systems, technology transfer and commercialization, and hardware/software product development. We are also the leading evaluator of transportation security screening equipment in the country. Our solutions include:

  • Vehicle-Initiated Telematics and Logging: Technology platform that enables telematics-based solutions for road user fee, insurance and other applications.

  • Connected Vehicle Systems and Applications: Leading development and testing of systems and applications for vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure connectivity.

  • Transportation Security Screening Equipment Evaluations: Proprietary testing tools and imaging platforms for cost-effective and reliable evaluations.

Government Facilities

Enhance protection efforts and resiliency with technology-based security and engineering solutions to deter, assess, warn, defend and recover against all-hazards threats. Battelle can help you reduce operational costs with end-to-end risk analysis, risk-based investment decision modeling and innovative technology solutions. Our innovations include:

  • Enterprise Security Risk Management Planning suite: Scenario-based planning, exercise and operations support to address man-made, natural and technological threats.

  • LS10 Liquid Bottle Scanner: Novel technology to safe, quickly, and accurately detect threat liquids in opened and unopened containers as they enter critical facilities.

  • Battelle SiteGuard™ Active Shooter Response: Innovative system designed to provide valuable information to first responders and keep building occupants safe from the moment a gunshot is fired.

National Protective Programs

Respond to and recover quickly from acts of terrorism, natural disasters and other emergencies. Battelle advances the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's risk-reduction mission by implementing an integrated approach that encompasses both physical and virtual threats and their associated human elements, so decision-makers have accurate information when and where they need it.

Aging Infrastructure

Identify vulnerabilities, improve reliability, and extend the life of your systems and equipment while controlling costs. Battelle develops sensors, provides test and evaluation expertise, and applies materials technologies to assess and extend the life of aging infrastructure. Battelle’s Florida Materials Research Facility specializes in the evaluation of materials in a subtropical marine environment, including natural weathering, marine immersion, corrosion and dynamic testing.

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Battelle SiteGuard® Active Shooter Response

From the first gunshot until police intervene, the SiteGuard ASR suite of tools automates 911 calls, mass notifications, and facilitates safer evacuations – all while providing valuable information to first responders.