Battelle SiteGuard®


Innovation in Facility Security Systems Integration

Buildings and their occupants are susceptible to a range of terrorist and criminal threats, such as firearms-related threats or chemical, biological, and radiological (CBR) weapons, as well as, accidental exposure to hazards such as explosive natural gas leaks or toxic chemicals.  Providing the maximum level of safety to people inside and outside of buildings requires serious detection and response tools.

Battelle’s SiteGuard® monitoring and control system, which has protected some of the nation’s highest risk buildings for over a decade, provides an innovative, cost-effective technological solution to help protect buildings and their occupants.   Equipped to make automated notifications and initiate protective responses faster and more reliably than humans, the robust and adaptable SiteGuard situational awareness tool is the core for integrated security systems designed to address the ever-evolving range of threats faced by building owners and facility managers. 



How it works

Battelle’s SiteGuard® system is designed to protect people inside and outside of buildings from destruction in a broad range of intentional and accidental man-made hazards by enabling quick, effective detection of the threat and immediately alerting security, police and/or emergency managers.  Simultaneously, SiteGuard activates any automated countermeasures that may exist, and provides security personnel with the information they need to rapidly and effectively implement protection or mitigation measures to save lives.

SiteGuard® is an enterprise-level detection and protection system that is able to integrate a wide variety of sensors and detectors, including:  acoustic gunshot detectors, CBR detectors, intrusion detection sensors, life-safety sensors (e.g. carbon monoxide or natural gas), video cameras and infrared imaging, and other unique security technologies that work cohesively to counter a range of threats. SiteGuard’s open-architecture allows the integration of almost any legacy or “best-of-breed” components, as well as giving SiteGuard the ability to interface with different building control systems.  Its use of commercial, off-the shelf (COTS) components lowers acquisition and operating costs, while providing outstanding reliability and availability; and its modular design makes it very scalable, allowing SiteGuard systems to be tailored precisely to user needs and budgets. 


Product Benefits

  • Open (non-proprietary) architecture enables easy installation of new sensors and interfaces
  • Fully customizable, user-friendly graphical interface helps maximize operator effectiveness
  • Modular, scalable design accommodations any system size
  • Use of COTS components lowers acquisition cost and proven reliability and low maintenance requirements ensures low total cost of ownership
  • Integrated "full-threat-spectrum" approach and automated features reduces monitoring manpower requirements 



Protect your location

SiteGuard® is appropriate for a wide variety of facility and perimeter monitoring, including:

  • Secure government buildings and installations
  • Large commercial buildings and campuses
  • Temporary/portable special event monitoring
  • Spectator sport venues
  • Military bases
  • Port facilities
  • Airports
  • Mail processing facilities
  • Power plants
  • Water Supply Systems
  • Other critical infrastructures
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