Battelle HorizonVue™ M360 Video System

Deep water situational awareness and full-view playback.

Never miss a critical view again with the Battelle HorizonVue™ M360 Video System. The Battelle HorizonVue camera’s unique field of view and real-time interactive video provides never before available control of the workspace – allowing ROV operators to inspect subsea equipment and perform detailed tasks in complex operating environments with increased efficiency and effectiveness.

The benefit continues onshore with digital pan, tilt and zoom during playback through our interactive software. Not just for use underwater, our unique lens technology eliminates the need for corrective optics so that objects appear the same in air or water.

Submarines that need dockside security or quick, bolt-on situational awareness while underway are able to quickly gain a full 360 view to manage contacts and record any event that occurs near the sub.

No matter the operating environment, our 360 imaging technology provides more information than has been available before. What have you been missing?

Battelle Horizonvue Camera 

Record and explore

The camera and software records all 360 degrees of the scene simultaneously. When the video is played back – use the digital pan and tilt window to explore the immersive 360° image to investigate what can be easily missed by the array of cameras typically required.

Isolate objects of interest with virtual Pan, Tilt, Zoom

HorizonVue Graphic

Designed to meet real-time operator and data collection needs

  • Control and video of system over Ethernet connection for ultra-high resolution
  • Continuous 360-degree video
  • User-defined areas of interest and digital zoom
  • Operator-selectable resolution and frame rate for data management
  • Software capable of queuing separate Pan, Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) camera views


HorizonVue M360 Video System Product Package

More than a camera, the HorizonVue Video System also includes custom, interactive PTZ playback software.  The video system is made up of:

  1. 360-degree deep water camera
  2. Real-time video management software for camera control
  3. Monitoring software for multiple users to access the video feed simultaneously
  4. Interactive playback software



  • Complete 360 degree view of surroundings and contacts
  • Real-time video
  • Anytime interactive virtual PTZ playback
  • Both ROV manipulators are captured in a single image
  • No “fisheye” distortion in PTZ boxes
  • No moving parts
  • Low power
  • Lightweight


Reduce time, effort and expense needed to work in crowded, complex undersea environments.

Easily retrofitted on vehicles already in use or incorporated into newly built platforms using the COTS connector of choice, the HorizonVue camera replaces multiple cameras with one device that is lighter, uses less power and has no moving parts.

Never worry about missing a critical view again. Contact us today.

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Video Feature: View a 360 degree, interactive undersea video from HorizonVue.