Tactical Systems

Mission-ready solutions for your toughest tactical challenges.

Let Battelle help you improve operational readiness and maximize your mission capabilities. We deliver innovative, high-technology deployable equipment and engineered product solutions that increase service life of fielded equipment, improve mission performance in extreme operating environments and provide threat protection for our military men and women. Our experts work with military clients across all stages of the product lifecycle, from product development to production to sustaining engineering.

Battelle’s integrated approach combines unmatched expertise across a broad range of disciplines, a systems engineering approach to design, and advanced manufacturing capabilities to deliver highly responsive, cost-effective products and exceptional service support. Our innovative product portfolio ranges from avionics to semi-autonomous robotics, tactical ground and maritime vehicles and hardware, to ultra-wireless data communications.

Tactical Vehicles, Robotics, Equipment & Deployable Energy

Improve mission performance with Battelle’s cutting-edge tactical equipment and hardware, including mission-capable tactical and armored vehicles, adaptive robotics and deployable power systems. We focus on applied research in intelligent adaptive controls, integrated vehicle systems, armor systems, operational energy and distributed multi-agent systems. Our innovations include:

Technology Modernization & Mission-Life Extension

Reduce sustainability costs while improving systems reliability, availability, sustainability and performance with Battelle’s low-cost, modernized, drop-in replacements for obsolete legacy avionics and electrical systems. Battelle’s Florida Materials Research Facility specializes in the evaluation of materials in a subtropical marine environment, including natural weathering, marine immersion, corrosion and dynamic testing.

Communications & Sensor Systems

Quickly deploy highly reliable and cyber-secure wireless broadband connectivity in military theater, emergency civilian situations, and hazardous environments or virtually anywhere with high-tech communications solutions, such as millimeter-wave wireless technology and software programmable radios. We develop integrated electro-mechanical sensor hardware, collect sensor data, and leverage advanced decision analytics capabilities to aid intelligence gathering for commercial applications, or military intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR). Our Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) technology provides provable secure encryption for sensitive data.

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Battelle HeatCoat™

HeatCoat™ from Battelle is an active, in-flight ice-protection system. It’s based on resistive heating coating technology and provides an anti-icing/deicing solution.

PathPlan™ Autonomous Motion Planning Software

Learn how PathPlan provides increased asset availability.

Quantum Key Distribution: Provably Secure Encryption

Proven by the laws of physics to help secure the sensitive data we deliver—today and into the future.