Neurorehab & BATTELLE NeuroLife™ 
Neural Bypass Technology

Innovative Solutions for Complex Neurological Conditions

Advance pioneering technology to overcome devastating neurological damage and disorders. Battelle develops leading-edge technologies to aid in the recovery of nervous system injuries and address the resulting physical impairments. Our neurorehab and BATTELLE NeuroLife™ neural bypass technologies are powered by BATTELLE EluciData™, a powerful analytics program that uses advanced machine learning and pattern recognition to translate complex neurosignals into clear information for innovative diagnostics and therapies. 

Graphic of neural bypass cuff on man's arm.

BATTELLE NeuroLife™ Neural Bypass Technology

Battelle has developed a breakthrough technology that empowers paralyzed patients to regain conscious control of their fingers, hands, wrists and arms. Our technology bypasses damaged areas of the nervous system so the brain can communicate directly with the muscles.

Battelle NeuroLife™ Neural Bypass Technology

See how Battelle is developing leading-edge technology to help paralyzed patients regain control.