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One of Battelle Education’s flagship programs is the Innovative Leaders Institute. 

Today, hundreds of schools have opened under STEM or other new models. Where will the people to lead these schools come from? Our Innovative Leaders Institute provides one of the few specialized training program where leaders of innovative schools can learn from their peers.

We’ve been closely involved with the development of 35 STEM schools in Ohio and Tennessee. Through that work, we can bring together the principals and teacher-leaders behind nationally recognized schools like Metro Early College, National Inventors Hall of Fame Center for STEM Learning, and L&N STEM Academy. 

Over three years, the Innovative Leaders Institute has grown from a single institute in Ohio to an institutes in Ohio, Tennessee, and Chicago Public Schools Institute. 100% of the participants indicated they would recommend the Innovative Leaders Institute to a colleague.

The Innovative Leaders Institute

  • Develops leaders’ concept of leadership in an innovative school;
  • Enhances leaders’ capacity to promote innovative, rigorous, and relevant instructional practices across the curriculum;
  • Strengthens leaders’ capacity to improve staff effectiveness, learning, and teaching  in an innovative school; and
  • Prepares leaders to open an innovative or STEM school.

In addition to hosting institutes in Ohio and Tennessee, we can customize an institute for your district, region or state. We recommend three, two-day sessions over a school year. The Innovative Leaders Institute can be designed for a single district or multiple districts within a defined region. Each participating school should expect to send the principal and one other identified leader (assistant principal, coach, etc.). We encourage districts to select two of the leaders within the participating schools who will work with the Battelle Education staff and serve as co-facilitators to develop capacity and sustainability for STEM work beyond the institute.


The Innovative Leaders Institute focuses on five content areas:

STEM Education 5 Content Areas
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