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NeuroLife™ TECHNOLOGY    
NeuroLife™ Neural Bypass Technology

Innovative Solutions for Complex Neurological Conditions

Our NeuroLife™ bypasses damaged areas of the nervous system so the brain can communicate directly with the muscles. Read more >

DeviceSecure for Medical Devices

Protecting medical devices from cyber threats

DeviceSecure Services® provides a complete solution to your challenges in cybersecurity for medical devices. Learn more >
LSR Biodefense

​High Containment Toxicology

Battelle is one of only a few high-containment facilities in the nation capable of conducting GLP-compliant safety and efficacy testing in a variety of models. Read more >

Featured Products

Battelle SiteGuard® Active Shooter Response
Building with people walking around.

Safeguard against active shooter events.

Using indoor and outdoor gunshot detection sensors, SiteGuard® Active Shooter Response (ASR) locates the origin of a gunshot and immediately begins executing automated actions. Read more >

Battelle WayFinder™ Q.I. Dashboard
WayFinder Dashboard

Better data leads to better patient outcome.

Battelle WayFinder™ Q.I. Dashboard puts current hospital quality data at your fingertips to help you achieve better patient outcomes and improved reimbursement rates. Learn more >

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Jeff Wadsworth and Satya Chauhan
Battelle CEO Award Winner: 41 years of Creating, Developing & Deploying
Posted by Battelle Staff on April 28, 2016
From the final frontier of space to the deepest underground reserves, Battelle Sr. Program Director Dr. Satya Chauhan has worked on projects spanning the universe. And his work has not gone unnoticed.  Read more >
various vegetables and beans
3 Things You Need to Know about Food Fraud
Posted by Battelle Staff on April 20, 2016
This food fight does not involve sloppy joes, pudding or school cafeterias. Instead it’s companies fighting to make sure the substances used to make a food product are actually listed as ingredients. Read more >
Photo of Ian Burkhart with Battelle researcher Nick Annetta
Battelle Answers Five Questions About Neural Bypass Technologies
Posted by Battelle Staff on April 19, 2016

Battelle experts weigh in on NeuroLife™, which helps paralyzed patients regain conscious control of their fingers, hands, wrists and arms by bypassing damaged areas of the nervous system. Read more >