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Group of students working on white board.

College Ready Math

Take the guesswork out of math instruction

Battelle’s College Ready Math program offers classroom-tested approaches that raise student achievement and engagement. College Ready Math makes instruction challenging yet attainable to students. We see engaged students discussing and debating math. We hear teachers exclaim how inspired they are by the changes they see in students.


College Ready Math 101

College Ready Math 101 is a two-day training for schools or districts. Your training will be led by current classroom teachers who made these changes in their own classrooms. This personalized support from a coach who understands the opportunities and pressures of today’s classrooms separates our trainings from professional educational consultants.

The training covers:

  • Data-based decision making: Make changes in your classroom using Math Design Collaborative formative assessment lessons. We’ll cover how to analyze student results to target specific skills for follow-up instruction.
  • Create growth mindset: Build students as owners of their learning using strategies where they can see that their hard work results in more learning.
  • Engineer discussions: Engage students in deeper conversations about math content driven by questions and student groups you engineer based on your students thinking.
  • Design effective feedback: Recognize what students know and do not know and then create questions that push students to think more critically about math.

This workshop is designed for 15 participants and can take place in can take place in your home district. All participants receive a College Ready Math workbook for their use during implementation.  



College Ready Math on-site coaching


Transformation requires time and feedback. After completing College Ready Math 101, Battelle Education offers on-site coaching to support your math team in transforming their classrooms. Each on-site visit includes 2.5 days and takes place at your school. The first day starts with your team coming together (for 2 hours) with a coach after school to analyze their students pre-work.

This allows the teacher to:

  • Identify misconceptions
  • Plan out the execution of the classroom challenge
  • Group students
  • Create specific feedback questions to move students forward in their learning

On days 2 and 3, the coach supports teachers inside their classrooms as they implement the lesson. The coach is there to give the teachers ideas and feedback during implementation. After teachers have implemented, the participants come back together after school to reflect on the lesson implementation. Teachers again analyze student work to see which misconceptions were address and which ones they need to spend more time on. 

Battelle Education recommends completing two on-site coaching visits spaced throughout the year. 

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