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Securing Perimeters Stopping Drones

Battelle DroneDefender® Counter-UAS Device is a non-kinetic solution to protect airspace against unmanned aircraft systems without compromising safety or risking collateral damage.

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Neutralizing Emerging Threats

For defense & security personnel

Unidentified unmanned aircraft systems pose a serious risk - not just from spying eyes and the potential of explosives - but from the much more serious threats of chemical and biological weapons. Hear from Battelle's CBRNE experts in this Defense News article about how countering weaponized drones should be a significant priority. 

Rising Threat to U.S Forces Abroad

Can Inflict Mass Casualties

Impact Goes Beyond Original Attack

Spreads Rapidly Without Detection

Solving the world's 
most difficult challenges

Battelle is mission-ready. We tackle the emerging threats of today to allow our clients to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Providing a Full Suite of CBRNE Defense Services

For more than 70 years – beginning with our involvement in the Manhattan Project in the 1940s – government agencies and industries alike have trusted Battelle to solve some of their most complex CBRNE defense challenges. We have the nation’s largest and most advanced live-agent BSL-3, chemical-agent and licensed explosives test facilities. 

Learn more about how we’re your partner in protecting what matters most. 

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Protecting our nation

We translate the latest advances in science and technology into products and services that make the world safer on the ground, in the air, at sea and across the digital frontier.



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Battelle REBS™ 

Because the chemical and biological threats to national and global security persist and continue to evolve, new tools are needed to detect, assess and counter those threats. Battelle REBS (Resource Effective Bioidentification System) is a major advance in chemical and biological warfare-agent collection and identification. 

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Countering Weaponized Drones

Security against terrorist drones rests not just on the business of innovation, but on the ability to test and field solutions that keep us a step ahead of threats. While many see these as difficult challenges, we believe it can be done.

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