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Battelle Cyber Professionals

Oct 20, 2016, 18:05 PM
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Battelle is Hiring Cyber Professionals

View our cyber career opportunities now.
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Case Studies

Optimizing Industrial Hygiene Practices for the U.S. Air Force

The U.S. Air Force came to Battelle for help in developing coaching programs that would prepare base personnel to implement an effective industrial hygiene program using the Defense Occupational and Environmental Health Readiness Systems. See the results of our work.

Designing a User Interface for a Portable Sepsis Treatment Device

Soldiers injured in combat are at high risk for sepsis. DARPA partnered with a medical device company to develop a portable device for treatment of sepsis utilizing the same principals as a dialysis machine. DARPA came to Battelle for assistance in developing a user interface appropriate for military users in the field.

Prioritizing Earth Observations for Societal Benefit

As scientists seek to further understand Earth’s natural systems and its interaction with human systems, a plethora of monitoring data have been produced. The GEO User Interface Committee approached Battelle to conduct a meta-analysis of existing documentation of users’ needs for Earth observations.

Endocrine Disruptor Screening

Environmental chemicals that may disrupt the hormonal or endocrine systems of humans as well as wildlife and other animals have been a concern since at least the 1960s. Many of the endocrine screening assays and other tests in use today are based on or supported by research that was led by Battelle.

Acute Care Cover for Severely Injured Limbs (ACCSIL)

Soldiers in the field with severe limb injuries may be hours or days away from the nearest field hospital or military base. The U.S. Office of Naval Research asked Battelle to help develop a new wound care cover that would preserve tissue and protect the injured limb until the soldier can be safely evacuated for treatment.

Technician injecting pepper with fluid from a needle.

Characterizing Food Additives to Determine Statistical Equivalence

A food manufacturer came to Battelle for help in proving statistical equivalence of their new food product formulation for regulatory purposes. The manufacturer was phasing out an ingredient due to consumer concern and the potential for future regulation. In order to reduce the likelihood that they would need to conduct expensive regulatory studies and resubmit the product for FDA approval, the manufacturer needed to be able to prove that the new product was substantially equivalent to the old product with the exception of the removed ingredient.

Refueling a jet.

Development of Surrogates of Alternative Liquid Fuels Generated from Biomass

Battelle and AAFRF modified the SPU at AAFRF to produce 500-gallon plus lots of fuel surrogates with properties similar to next-generation bio-based aviation fuels. We used this surrogate fuel to run tests to assess the properties of the candidate alternative fuels, including physical properties, corrosion resistance, thermal stability and production quality.


Avionics Technology Modernization

Aging electronics and avionics can ground fleets or vehicles for obsolescence or performance. Battelle has manufactured thousands of these modules with the quality necessary for avionics applications. Manufacturing includes rigorous testing and operational environmental cycling, careful but collaborative supply chain management, dynamic manufacturing planning to meet customer needs.


Quantum Key Distribution

Hackers steal data constantly, so protecting it is an ongoing challenge. Today’s information encryption technology has been compromised and will be obsolete in just a few years. In 2013, Battelle installed the first commercial QKD system in the U.S., connecting our headquarters in Columbus, Ohio to our production facility in Dublin, Ohio. The QKD hardware used in this link is the Cerberis model from ID Quantique.

Lab technician working on machine.

Usability Studies Clarify Make-vs.-Buy Decision for Device Developer

A pharmaceutical company was evaluating potential options for a combination drug and injection device for a highly viscous drug. There were custom-made and commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) options available. They came to Battelle for help in deciding which one would be most likely to be accepted by their end users.

Group of business professionals in front of graph

Unexpected Impurities in a 5-Batch Study

An agrochemical company urgently needed to generate missing data in order to meet their product submission deadline. After another lab failed to complete the studies adequately, they contacted Battelle for help. Data from the manufacturer showed several known impurities in their technical material. They asked Battelle to perform a 5-batch analysis to determine the exact quantities of these known impurities for product registration.

Chembio suit testing

U.S. Warfighters Rely on Innovative Armor Solutions for the Modern Battlefield

Battelle's next-generation HUMVEE armor kits gave our clients survivability and performance in a lightweight design that could adapt to new threats and mission profiles. Proven in combat, Battelle's innovative designs are now found on several new types of special mission vehicles.

Mine explosion.

Testing Surface Mine Blasting Emissions

Battelle conducted a special purpose monitoring study to characterize and document air quality while surface mine blasting operations were being conducted nearby. Various sampling and analysis methods were deployed to determine gaseous air pollutant concentrations and the mass, particle size distribution, and chemical composition of airborne particulate matter.

Corn field

Testing GMOs for Allergen Potential

Our advanced analytical, immunobiologcal and bioinformatic techniques provide developers with a complete nutritional profile as well as an allergy risk assessment. The final result? Farmers and consumers have access to safe, new food products that will meet the needs of the 21st century.

Patient getting a shot in the arm.

Studying Safety for Devices Under Stressful Conditions

A client needed a comparative formative study two of different devices for administration of glucagon in rescue situations (i.e., diabetic severely hypoglycemic and going into shock). Battelle designed and executed a study using novel stress-induction methodologies and scenarios that stimulated realistic emotional conditions in study participants.


Special Purpose Infrared (IR) Floodlight

Battelle performed design for manufacturing efforts and collaboratively worked with suppliers to develop a cost-effective solution for a ruggedized and rapidly deployable floodlight. This sealed light includes several custom machined and anodized parts, custom circuit cards, and has a pressure-sealed compartment that is nitrogen backfilled.

Baby with inhaler

Solving an Adhesion Failure for a Medical Device

A medical device manufacturer released a medical instrument that combined glass and plastic components. The plastic component was made of polyether ether ketone (PEEK), which was joined to the glass component using a cured epoxy. Through Battelle’s Surface Science program we identified an atmospheric plasma treatment as an approach to solve the adhesion problem and avoid changes to the product design or manufacturing process

LS10 device

Security Screening Non-invasive Bottled Liquid Scanner

This novel product needed thoughtful design for manufacturing and dynamic startup production. Battelle’s manufacturing team employed Battelle’s Production-Optimized Design process, a unique take on traditional design for manufacturing, to provide substantial proactive thought to the system design. More than 200 of the LS10 have been produced and sold to date, shipped directly from Battelle to international locations such as Australia, England, Canada, and Norway.

Couple playing in laundry mat.

The Battelle Smart Laundry Capsule™ Additive: One-Step Cold Water Bleaching

Laundry bleaches need activators in order to be effective in cold temperatures. But the bleach and activator can’t be mixed in advance, or they will react with each other before the consumer adds them to the laundry. In order to make the product shelf stable, we needed a way to keep the bleach and activator from reacting with each other before they were added to the laundry.

Drums containing chemicals.

Safely Handling and Testing M55 Chemical Agent Rockets for Neutralization and Destruction

Battelle assembled a cross-functional team of explosives handling experts, design and fabrication engineers, process engineers, analytical chemists, statisticians, software and data acquisition specialists, and quality assurance and safety specialists and developed a test approach that allowed the client to submit quality data to government agencies in a very short time frame and under budget.