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Advanced Explosive Ordnance Disposal Robotic System (AEODRS)


Battelle is the provider of the physics-based simulator for the AEODRS program of record, a Joint Service EOD program for developing the next generation of military ground robots. 


Each of the three robot platforms is simulated with the Simulation Architecture for Mobile Systems (SAMS) and can be connected to prototype hardware modules using the program-selected open architecture network protocol called Joint Architecture for Unmanned Systems (JAUS).


  • SAMS verifies newly defined interfaces by exercising the logical and communications architecture of the system completely in software simulation before any physical parts are even ordered.
  • SAMS accelerates the design cycle and drastically reduces costs over the lifetime of the product development timeline, as compared to the traditional approach of building several costly hardware prototypes that would likely show only incremental improvements between versions.
  • SAMS is used extensively in pre-production prototype testing and evaluation, where models are more accurately simulated to resemble an as-built hardware prototype robot; evaluations are performed to assess effectiveness of designs through comprehensive virtual testing scenarios that would otherwise be too risky or costly to run in the real world.
Modeling Simulation
Figure 1. AEODRS increment 1 Robot As-Built Hardware Prototype
Modeling Simulation Robot
Figure 2. AEODORS Increment 1 Robot Simulated Virtual Protype

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