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Hand drawing medical devices on interactive touch screen digital display.

Human Centric Design and User Insight to Enhance Medical Device Development


Pharmaceutical companies continue to develop life-changing therapies for diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and many types of cancer, but they struggle to find devices that simultaneously meet the individual needs of patient populations, as well as the specific needs of the targeted therapy.


Battelle’s Human Centric Design (HCD) team visited patients in their homes, offices and clinical settings to get a deep understanding of how they manage the unique aspects of their disease. These insights were translated into several solutions that not only meet the individualized needs of patients, but offer technology solutions and ease of use that can significantly increase compliance for the therapies.


Pharmaceutical and medical device companies continue to partner with Battelle’s HCD team to connect unmet patient needs to meaningful solutions. Over 600 patients have participated in our research, design and development activities in the last two years. This rich user insight has led to innovative product and service offerings and cutting-edge technology development. More importantly, allowing the unmet patient need to inform development activities has resulted in life-changing devices people can use safely and effectively.