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researcher working in a lab

Rapid Screening for Agrichemical Residues


Pesticides and other agrichemicals have been found in the source water supplies in many part of the United States. Many of these chemicals have been shown to persist in the finished drinking water. Agrichemical developers and manufacturers need accurate, objective answers to determine the persistence of the chemicals they are working with, and the most effective methods to keep drinking supplies safe.


Battelle developed a new testing methodology to rapidly screen water samples for a number of emerging contaminants and current-use pesticides. We then studied different treatment strategies to determine the most effective way to remediate and dispose of compromised water. In order to compare different remediation options, we measured the attenuation of relatively high concentrations (low mg/L) of selected emerging contaminants and current-use pesticides with three separate advanced oxidation processes (AOPs):

  • Ozone-H2O2 Advanced Oxidation
  • Boron-Doped Diamond Electrode
  • UV-H2O2 Advanced Oxidation


In most cases, concentrations of target compounds were reduced by at least one order of magnitude within one hour. Rapid screening and remediation saves time and reduces the costs associated with keeping drinking supplies safe.

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