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Jan 5, 2017, 08:07 AM
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Cost Effectiveness

A major advance in chemical and biological warfare-agent collection and identification.
REBS unit

Featured Offerings

CBRNE Defense
Medical Surveillance, Diagnostics & Intervention

Battelle operates laboratories that help deliver effective diagnostic and therapeutic solutions for the potential victims of chemical and biological warfare or pandemic diseases.

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CBRNE Defense
High Hazards RDT&E

Battelle is focused on making the world a safer place. We help research, develop, test and evaluate (RDT&E) the full range of chemical, biological and explosives/energetics defense equipment, procedures and capabilities.

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CBRNE Defense
Threat Detection

Take advantage of Battelle's portfolio of leading-edge chem-bio technologies, or leverage our operational expertise and advanced manufacturing capabilities to develop chem-bio detection, protection and decontamination equipment.

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Featured Products & Services

High Hazards RDT&E
CBRNE Defense Testing & Evaluation Services

With state-of-the-art infrastructure, Battelle provides our government and industry partners with the most comprehensive and relevant evaluations of CBRNE defense equipment for development and acquisition efforts.

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Threat Detection
Battelle REBS

Because the threats to national security continue to evolve, new tools are needed to detect, assess and counter those threats. Battelle REBS is a major advance in chemical and biological warfare-agent collection and identification.

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High Hazards RDT&E
Detection-Canine Technologies

Detection-canine teams play an integral role in protecting our assets, military personnel and civilians. Battelle has more than 20 years of experience in canine-focused research, development, testing and evaluation.

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VIDEO: REBS™: Battelle's next generation, smart technology for biodefense and hazard avoidance.

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Inside Battelle Blog

Testing & Evaluation Services
people in chem-bio suits walking through a field

Designing Protective Garments for Warfighters

Posted by Battelle Insider on Jun 6, 2017

It’s more than just the materials used in protective clothing that keep military personnel safe. The design also plays a big role.

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Live-Agent Testing
people in chem-bio suits carrying an injured person

What Defense Manufacturers Need to Know about the Rapidly Growing CBRNE Threat

Posted by Battelle Insider on Jan 11, 2017

Chemical and biological weapon threats are on the rise. So how do we develop countermeasures against these sophisticated enemies?

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Defense Equipment
researchers testing equipment

Why Late-Stage Testing with Threat Simulants Isn’t Good Enough

Posted by Battelle Insider on Dec 20, 2016

For CBRNE Defense manufacturers, testing against threat simulants alone leaves the company, public and warfighters at risk.

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