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Take the Risk Out of Your Biotechnology Portfolio

Molecular, cellular biology and regulatory support from leading experts.


Accelerate product development and registration for genetically modified organisms (GMOs) with advanced biotechnology, immunobiology and bioinformatics approaches. Battelle provides an integrated scientific focus on research, development and regulatory compliance to help you move GMOs to market quickly while controlling costs and risks.


When your biotechnology product concerns include improving nutrient uptake, promoting growth and yield, and providing insect control and disease protection for your customers, Battelle’s expertise can help.

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We have a comprehensive and flexible portfolio of technology platforms for all your agricultural biotechnology needs.
  • Quantitative Realtime PCR, Applied Biosystems®
  • Gene arrays, Affymetrix®
  • Luminex®, and Meso Scale Discovery™ (MSD)
  • Multiarray platform technologies
  • GC/MS, LC/MS, LC/MS/MS, Q-TOF, AB Sciex, ThermoFisher, Waters, etc.
  • HPLC and UPLC, Agilent
  • Massively Parallel Sequencing, Ion-Torrent


Our services include:

Genomic Sequencing
Get detailed, accurate identification of the genome at the nucleotide level, confirming the heritability of inserted genes. We utilize gold standard and advanced biotechnology methods to determine the genetic sequences and identify retention or variance of your samples. Our scientists perform DNA applifications using PCR.

DNA and RNA Detection and Quantification
We utilize radiobological Southern blots, Northern blots, non-quantitative and quantitative pPCR methods for detection of nucleic acids.

Protein Analysis and Characterization
Accurately quantify and characterize protein and peptide expression levels of new GMOs to parent plants. We use standard immunoassays from traditional ELISAs and Western blotting methods to multiplex immunoassays and high resolution mass spectrometry to accurately determine protein expression levels.  

Nutritional Analysis

Get a complete nutritional profile and compositional analysis for your new GMO.

Allergen Testing
Determine allergy risk potential of new GMOs. We utilize an advanced bioinformatic approach to compare recombinant protein sequences against a comprehensive database of known allergens.   

Regulatory Support
Accelerate product registration and validation with accurate, objective data and comprehensive support for product registration. Our studies are GLP and OECD compliant.


We provide an integrated approach to research, development and regulatory compliance to help you move to market quickly while controlling costs and risks.

Testing GMOs for Allergen Potential


GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) have the potential to vastly improve our food supply with products that are more nutritious, productive, sustainable or transportable. But new GMOs are subject to intensive regulatory review before they can hit the grocery store aisles.

In order to prove that a GMO is safe, Agroscience developers need to be able to prove that the new plant does not produce unexpected proteins that could induce an allergic response in susceptible individuals. To test for allergenic potential, developers need to be able to answer several questions: what proteins or peptides are produced as a result of the inserted genetic sequence? Are they different than those produced in the non-GMO/parent form of the organism? And if so, do they match any proteins known to produce an allergic response in humans? 


Testing for potential allergens begins with a comprehensive analysis at the genetic level of the organism (by Sanger or NexGen sequencing chemistries or radiologic Southern blotting) to ensure the transgene has been incorporated or retained within the genome. Gene expression levels can be quantified by qPCR methodologies coupled with protein expression levels detected by standard or multiplex immunoassays. To determine the allergy risk potential, we use an advanced bioinformatics approach to compare the recombinant protein sequence against a comprehensive database of known allergens.


Battelle provides accurate, defensible data to help support clients in the registration of their GMO products quickly and efficiently. Our labs are fully compliant with Good Laboratory Practice Standards (GLPS) to meet the most stringent requirements for U.S. or European product registration. Our advanced analytical, immunobiologcal and bioinformatic techniques provide developers with a complete nutritional profile as well as an allergy risk assessment. The final result? Farmers and consumers have access to safe, new food products that will meet the needs of the 21st century. 

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