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Launch a New Product with Confidence

Get your agrochemical and biocide products to market quickly and efficiently.

Risk Assessment & Regulatory Support

Battelle has world-renowned competency in regulatory affairs in the U.S. and Europe. We provide full-scale registration and re-registration support as well as expert advice in dossier defense.


It is nearly impossible to make sound decisions without quality data. But how can you move forward with your new product if you don’t have solid risk assessment information? Battelle can get you the data you need to make effective risk management decisions and minimize remedial footprints while achieving project goals and objectives. 

Need defensible data for agrochemical development and registration?
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We work with agrochemical developers and suppliers to ensure that products are brought to market quickly, safely and reliably. We use state-of-the-art computer modeling to support development, registration and registration maintenance of agrochemicals. 


Our services include:

Registration and Re-Registration SupportWe integrate industry-leading scientific lab work and deep experience in international regulatory requirements to help you accelerate product registration and re-registration.
  • Analysis of regulatory requirements
  • Data gap analysis, and proposal of testing strategies
  • Harmonization of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) 
  • Study monitoring and project management
  • Dossier preparation and follow-up 

Risk Assessment & Evaluation
We give you reliable and defensible data for standard and higher-tier risk assessments so you can meet health and safety regulatory standards and minimize your exposures. 

  • Human health risk assessment (operator, worker, bystander and consumer) 
  • Development of rebuttals and waivers
  • Environmental impact, fate and ecotoxicology 
  • Risk evaluation and mitigation strategies 

Dossier Submission & Defense
Let our experts help you move through product registration or re-registration confidently. We give you expert advice and consulting services so you can focus your resources on your core business. 

  • Pre-submission meetings with key regulatory agencies and their experts 
  • Negotiation of registration strategies with national agencies and EU Rapporteur (RMS)
  • Follow-up through the entire evaluation process


We can help you understand and reduce your risks and move through the registration process with confidence. You can move into new international markets with confidence. Battelle offers a full range of regulatory services to help you get your agrochemical and biocide products to market quickly and efficiently.