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Accreditation Process - Image

Dec 12, 2016, 09:23 AM
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Battelle Healthcare Colloquium

Our unique accreditation process builds on the member hospital’s prior improvement experience.
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Heart Failure Accreditation Process

Improve processes and outcomes in your cardiac departments.

Battelle Healthcare Colloquium’s collaborative heart failure accreditation process connects you to other leading healthcare organizations and top-performing hospitals that share your passion for improving cardiac patients’ quality of care.

The Colloquium’s unique accreditation process builds on the member hospital’s prior improvement experience. To learn more about heart failure accreditation visit the Accreditation Types page.

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The Continuum of Care Model

Member hospitals work within four established domains of heart failure—Community, Hospital, Clinician, and Science—using the Colloquium’s continuum of care model. Our model supports:

early detection
Integration of heart failure care, from antecedents to early diagnosis and advanced care.

healthy community
Streamlined processes across the entire continuum of care, beginning in the community.

individual health

Enabling individuals to participate in their own care with more independence and less hospitalization.

hospital members and doctors

Collaboration with other Battelle Healthcare Colloquium member hospitals across the country.

Heart Failure Leadership Team

The Heart Failure Leadership Team (HFLT) is a defined group of hospital staff members. They work with the Colloquium Coach to implement and/or document chosen milestones to achieve heart failure accreditation. The HFLT starts with a core team:

  • Heart Failure Medical Director
  • Heart Failure Coordinator
  • Core Administrative Champion


Heart failure milestones exist within the Four Domains of Heart Failure. Milestones help hospitals be good financial stewards as well as aid in the improvement of the quality of life for individuals with heart failure. Improvement implies change. Milestones enact change by providing direction and ensuring the hospital is taking the right path. Achieving the tasks related to accomplishing each milestone becomes the basis for improvement.

To learn more about milestones visit the Milestones page.

Gap Analysis and Prioritization

The gap analysis is a review of the current status of the hospital. This includes all processes, procedures, programs, and education provided to staff and patients.

The gap analysis looks at which activities a hospital is doing or wants to do to see if they meet certain milestone criteria. There is not a “score.” The number of activities a hospital is doing does not imply the hospital has better or worse quality than other members. The intent of the gap analysis is to be a snapshot of the hospital’s current state.

The HFLT then prioritizes the milestones regardless of what the gap analysis indicates. The exercise of assigning priorities helps focus efforts and sets the stage for milestone selection.

Milestone Selection

The hospital then selects the milestones to address over the next several months. These milestones aid in achieving accreditation.

Charter Development

The HFLT develops the organization’s heart failure charter. The charter provides a framework and sets the tone and direction for the heart failure accreditation.