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Human Centric Design - User Research

Nov 9, 2016, 15:16 PM
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Do You Know Your Users?

We're helping you make effective decisions for product strategy, design and development.
Person monitoring a user experience interview.

User Research

How well do you understand your users? Battelle can help you find the insights you need to make effective decisions for product strategy, design and development. Our experienced human-centered user research teams know how to ask the right questions to illuminate the needs, desires and challenges of your users and the context in which they operate, and translate that understanding into meaningful recommendations.


We use a variety of proven, science-based methodologies backed by a deep understanding of cognitive and behavioral science, user experience, engineering and industrial design to deliver insights and recommendations that are concrete, actionable and easy to understand. We offer end-to-end user research services, including study design, recruiting, study execution, analysis and reporting. 

We can help you:

  • Identify areas of opportunity within a market
  • Gather information about target users and their environments
  • Inform product enhancements for an existing device
  • Understand and solve issues related to use errors, customer service complaints, poor compliance or low market acceptance

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Our user research team brings together experts in cognitive and behavioral psychology, ethnography, industrial design, user interface/user experience (UI/UX), data analytics and a broad range of engineering disciplines. For specialized challenges, we can reach back into Battelle’s pool of scientists and engineers to find subject matter expertise in almost anything, from optical sensors to drug delivery. Although we have specialized expertise in user research for medical devices, our experience also includes sports equipment, industrial machinery, housewares, construction and military applications.


Our methods include:

  • Exploratory research: We conduct focus groups and in-depth interviews to gather information about user attitudes, behaviors, capabilities and preferences. In addition to standard focus groups, we also perform cognitive walkthroughs, in which users are asked to demonstrate how they perform a task (often using realistic props) and explain their thought process at each step along the way.  We can conduct these studies in locations around the world or in our dedicated uLab in Columbus, OH, which can be configured to simulate home and clinical environments.
  • Contextual research: Our research teams can conduct contextual studies in the natural environment of your end users. We use both observational (ethnographic) and inquiry-based methods to gather in-depth information on the environment in which your product will be used and the ways in which your users behave in that environment.
  • Empathetic immersion: We use a variety of techniques to simulate specific user experiences and analyze the experience of a product through the eyes of specific user groups, including people with physical, visual or cognitive impairments. This allows us to identify challenges that may not be obvious until they are experienced.

We translate user research data into clear, understandable deliverables that will help you make effective design and development decisions. These deliverables may include:

  • User personas or scenarios
  • Task and behavioral analysis
  • Attribution ranking
  • Data visualization
  • Design recommendations

Our Facility

The 4,500-square-foot Battelle uLAB is located at our headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, steps away from our Consumer, Industrial & Medical Products development lab. The facility has been specially designed to facilitate the observation and evaluation of human behavior as participants demonstrate their use of various medical devices, consumer products or software systems.

It features:

  • Five rooms configured to test everything from hardware and software to full-scale interiors for office and home environments.
  • Private intake rooms and a medical exam table for clinical consultations (for studies that have a focus on medical devices).
  • Available remote access for software usability testing, which opens up recruiting to long distance and international participants.

In addition to our on-site user research lab, Battelle has on-demand access to user labs and simulation sites across the nation.


uLab Locations Worldwide


At Battelle, you can count on us to take care of everything, from participant recruiting to creation of the final submission packet. Our turnkey services take the burden off of your development team while providing a fresh set of eyes to ensure that your product is ready to go