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Corrosion Testing, Prevention & Inhibition

At Battelle, we know corrosion. For more than 50 years, we have helped companies understand and mitigate corrosion for a broad range of government, consumer and industrial products. We provide testing services and applied research to help companies address corrosion challenges across the product lifecycle. 


From paints to pipelines to electronic components, we can help you:

  • Understand and predict how well your product will stand up to corrosion under different environmental conditions and use cases
  • Quantify your corrosion risks and predict product life and warranty claims
  • Evaluate the corrosion resistance provided by different materials, coatings and product design choices for development of more corrosion-resistant products
  • Recognize and mitigate the factors leading to corrosion-related product failure
  • Develop novel coatings, additives or materials to detect, prevent or inhibit corrosion
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Battelle brings together experts from across a broad range of disciplines—including electrochemistry, materials science, computer modeling, industrial design and product engineering—to tackle corrosion from all angles. We offer a full suite of testing services along with applied research, materials selection and coating formulation to mitigate corrosion risks.


The Smart Corrosion Detector® Capsule
The Battelle Smart Corrosion Detector capsule detects and mitigates corrosion in a single step. Our innovative capsule uses encapsulation technology that triggers the release of healing chemicals as soon as corrosion is detected. Mix the beads into paints and coatings to provide superior corrosion protection for pipelines, offshore equipment and other critical infrastructure. Learn more


Mixed Flowing Gas (MFG) Testing
We not only conduct MFG testing at Battelle—we actually invented it. The processes we developed and validated in the 1980s have since been standardized by ASTM and are still considered the industry standard today. MFG is used to accelerate atmospheric corrosion effects by exposing components to corrosive gasses (such as chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen dioxide or sulfur dioxide) in a controlled environment. MFG provides highly accurate prediction of atmospheric corrosion effects for electronic components, electrical connectors, motors and other systems. 

Florida Materials Research Facility (FMRF)
Our outdoor subtropical exposure facility, located in one of the most corrosive environments in the U.S., provides the perfect environment for accelerated corrosion testing so you can get the data you need in the least time possible. We conduct both standard and custom accelerated exposure tests on a wide range of products, coatings and materials for both government and commercial clients, including large equipment such as vehicles and appliances. Learn more.

Analytical Services
Battelle offers a full suite of analytical services for electrochemical testing, analysis and mitigation. We can help you understand the relationships between material properties, structure and use environment and how they influence your product’s susceptibility to corrosion and corrosion-induced failures. Our analytical services include failure analysis and remediation, materials compatibility assessment and solutions for microbial induced corrosion. 

Coatings and Additives Development and Reformulation 
Battelle can help you develop new coating systems or additives and make replacement recommendations to improve the safety, performance or sustainability of your current coatings. We conduct applied research to develop novel solutions including self-healing coatings, hexavalent chrome replacement and conversion coatings. We can help you with product reformulation, Intellectual Property development and materials selection.  



Battelle can help you develop more corrosion-resistant products and understand and mitigate your corrosion risks. Our testing and development services will help you reduce the risk of product failure, extend the life of your products and increase your competitiveness in the market.