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Surface Science

Differentiate your products and discover new product possibilities with functionalized surfaces designed to your specifications. Battelle is bringing innovative action to the science of surfaces, coatings and interfaces to solve your most challenging product problems.

Battelle’s Surface Science is an engineering and development service focused on providing novel solutions to improve product performance and make entirely new products possible.


A functionalized surface is a surface or coating that has been engineered to interact with its environment in response to defined triggers. Functionalized surfaces can be developed to address needs for medical, commercial and industrial applications.

A few examples include:

  • An antimicrobial surface that uses nanostructures to prevent bacterial adhesion
  • A conductive coating that provides heat when electricity is applied
  • A food-safe adhesive for package closure that sticks only to itself
  • A fabric coating for lab and industrial workers that neutralizes toxins and carcinogens
  • A stain-repellant laundry additive that won't wash out in the rinse

Bring innovation to the surface.
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We can help you break through the barriers standing between you and your product vision and develop products that outperform the competition.

At Battelle, you’ll find:

  • Unmatched experience with non-traditional surface interfaces and unusual surface interactions
  • Expertise across a broad range of disciplines and industries
  • A focus on commercial viability and market needs

Our teams are focused on developing products for commercialization. We understand market needs and manufacturing realities and can work with you at all stages of development. We use a proven, systematic, phased development process to accelerate development timelines and ensure that the final results fully meet your requirements.


We can help you:

  • Accelerate development timelines
  • Solve specific product problems and roadblocks
  • Access unmatched subject matter expertise in advanced materials, engineering, chemistry, biochemistry, product formulation and more
  • Create unique products that stand out from the competition