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Surface Science

Differentiate your products and discover new product possibilities with functionalized surfaces designed to your specifications. Battelle is bringing innovative action to the science of surfaces, coatings and interfaces to solve your most challenging product problems.

Battelle’s Surface Science is an engineering and development service focused on providing novel solutions to improve product performance and make entirely new products possible.


A functionalized surface is a surface or coating that has been engineered to interact with its environment in response to defined triggers. Functionalized surfaces can be developed to address needs for medical, commercial and industrial applications.

A few examples include:

  • An antimicrobial surface that uses nanostructures to prevent bacterial adhesion
  • A conductive coating that provides heat when electricity is applied
  • A food-safe adhesive for package closure that sticks only to itself
  • A fabric coating for lab and industrial workers that neutralizes toxins and carcinogens
  • A stain-repellant laundry additive that won't wash out in the rinse

Bring innovation to the surface.
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We can help you break through the barriers standing between you and your product vision and develop products that outperform the competition.

At Battelle, you’ll find:

  • Unmatched experience with non-traditional surface interfaces and unusual surface interactions
  • Expertise across a broad range of disciplines and industries
  • A focus on commercial viability and market needs

Our teams are focused on developing products for commercialization. We understand market needs and manufacturing realities and can work with you at all stages of development. We use a proven, systematic, phased development process to accelerate development timelines and ensure that the final results fully meet your requirements.


We can help you:

  • Accelerate development timelines
  • Solve specific product problems and roadblocks
  • Access unmatched subject matter expertise in advanced materials, engineering, chemistry, biochemistry, product formulation and more
  • Create unique products that stand out from the competition

Battelle Names Amy Heintz Inventor of the Year

Oct 29, 2016, 22:43 PM
COLUMBUS, Ohio (May 9, 2016)—In the time she spends as a material scientist at Battelle, Amy Heintz loves to think about what is possible. Then, she enjoys working independently and collaboratively to make it happen.
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Date : May 9, 2016, 00:00 AM

 Senior Research Scientist Lauded for her significant innovative contributions across multiple scientific disciplines

 COLUMBUS, Ohio (May 9, 2016)—In the time she spends as a material scientist at Battelle, Amy Heintz loves to think about what is possible. Then, she enjoys working independently and collaboratively to make it happen.

So far it’s included inventing an anti-icing system for aircraft based on carbon nanotubes, contributing to next-generation solar cells and a novel drug delivery device. And that’s the short list.

Heintz, a Senior Research Scientist who has worked at Battelle for 13 years, recently was named the Inventor of the Year at Battelle’s Annual Achievement Awards called “Celebration of Solvers,” held at the Columbus Museum of Art. Heintz and many of her Battelle colleagues were recognized for their impact and contributions to research and to the community.

Battelle’s first female Inventor of the Year, Heintz was honored for her significant innovative contributions to many fields including aerospace, biopharma and medical products, consumer and industrial products, electronics, and energy conversion.

She led two different strategic initiatives for Battelle. Both efforts resulted in successful maturation of technologies from early discovery to product. HeatCoat™ is a new anti-icing platform for aircraft that is now in preparation for flight demonstration. “In 2003, we were exploring the structure-property relationships of carbon nanotube coatings, wondering how their unique properties could be useful,” Heintz said. “Now, we’ve got a team of engineers integrating our coatings into real aircraft systems.”

The Engineered Drug Delivery Initiative developed approaches for delivering challenging biologic medicines. This work assists impaired patients in self-administering protein-based therapeutics. “We took a holistic approach to solving the problem of how to administer viscous drugs to patients with limited dexterity,” Heintz said. “We created solutions by innovating at the device-level, the usability-level, and even at the formulations-level.” 

Heintz’s research focuses on such heady phenomenon as dissimilar interfaces, organizing materials to tune adhesion, adsorption and electron, phonon, or gas transport. In the real world, her research is applied to solve proprietary challenges for commercial customers – like creating a novel package for a major beverage manufacturer. She has collaborations with many academic institutions, government laboratories and start-up companies. Heintz holds four U.S. patents, three European patents and has 13 patents pending. 

“I am grateful to be recognized for work that is so meaningful to me,” Heintz said. “It is a privilege to work at an organization like Battelle where I have the chance to apply fundamental science to solving problems in so many different areas. I look forward to what’s ahead.  The fast pace of discovery research makes this a really exciting time for applications research.”

Heintz, a resident of Dublin, OH, holds a B.S., Chemistry High Honors, Highest Distinction from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She also has a Ph.D. in Polymer Science & Engineering from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

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