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Battelle Verity® Technical Impact

Consistently accurate stress-concentration characterization.

Battelle Verity structural stress methodology provides consistently accurate stress-concentration characterization at welds or notch locations involving sudden changes in geometry, such as changes resulting from angles or holes. And that’s true regardless of local refinements used in a finite-element model.

The primary reason for this performance: its insensitivity to mesh size.

Battelle Verity Method Chart

The Challenge

It is well known that stress concentration dominates fatigue lives in welded structures. But until the development of Battelle Verity, there was no reliable method for consistently assessing the stress-concentration factors in welded joints. Instead, all available stress-analysis methods for welded joints suffered from sensitivity to mesh size, making extensive and costly fatigue testing mandatory for adequate fatigue design and life evaluation.

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The Solution

Battelle Verity is a revolutionary tool for structural stress calculation. Entirely mesh-insensitive, it uses, rather than stresses, balanced nodal forces and moments from a typical finite-element model. The resulting mesh-insensitive structural stress parameter has enabled the development of a unique master S-N curve approach, created by collapsing all existing weld S-N data presented in the literature since 1947.

Battelle Verity has proven its effectiveness for applications in the automotive, heavy equipment, offshore/marine and pressure vessel and piping industries. Its performance has been confirmed by developments such as these:

  • ASME’s adoption of this new method for fatigue design and evaluation of pressure-vessel and piping components
  • A Big 3 automotive company saving millions of dollars within two months of implementing Battelle Verity in-house for full vehicle-durability design and life prediction
  • Battelle Verity’s earning of the prestigious 2003 Henry Ford II Distinguished Award for Excellence in Automotive Engineering