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Mitigating Foodbourne Illnesses See how PRIA is helping commercial food processors maintain food safety from farm to fork.

PRIA™ Poultry and Meat Risk Mitigation Software 

Poultry and other meat processors often are concerned with salmonella and campylobacter contamination (and the associated risk of outbreaks, recalls, lawsuits and regulatory intervention). Battelle’s PRIA™ Poultry and Meat Risk Mitigation Software is an effective tool for reducing exposure and quantifying the impact of various mitigation strategies. 


No one wants to be sick. Consumers especially don't like to feel ill because of the food they ate. And poultry and other meat processors definitely don't want to be the ones making consumers sick.  

Want to mitigate risks related to meat or poultry?
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Battelle PRIA (Probabilistic Risk Informed Analysis) arms quality assurance teams with software-based tools.  

PRIA provides:  

  • Evaluation of risk at each phase of processing 
  • Quantification of mitigation strategies 
  • Cost-benefit analysis 
  • Benchmarking best practices 
  • Fast and easy simulation 


PRIA is highly intuitive. It allows you to: 

  • Choose between default and customized settings 
  • Run complete simulations in seconds 
  • Quickly interpret results with simple graphics and animations

Click on the images to view full size. 

Rather than relying on inefficient and limited spreadsheet-based methods, PRIA arms your team with intuitive software-based tools to evaluate your company’s risk at each phase of processing. PRIA then lets you quantify the impact of various mitigation strategies, while performing cost-benefit analyses in order to determine the best courses of action for specific circumstances.  

PRIA equips you to conduct these analyses across multiple facilities, making it possible to standardize and benchmark best practices company-wide.  

These capabilities can be critical to your QA efforts, of course. But they can be equally important to regulatory compliance. With PRIA, you won’t run into calculation errors or inadequate documentation. When an auditor asks how you came to a particular conclusion months ago, the rigorous documentation you need will always be just a few clicks away.  


PRIA will help you:  

  • Extend product shelf life 
  • Reduce recalls, shutdowns and settlements 
  • Minimize regulatory interventions and fines 
  • Quickly identify profitable strategies