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3D Printing

Nov 10, 2016, 13:35 PM
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Mitigate Risks Early On

Scalable, accruate models allow for early detection of potential problems.
prototyping technology at work in the lab

3D Printing/Rapid Prototyping

Battelle’s 3D printing/rapid prototyping helps our clients identify product issues they didn’t anticipate early on in the process. That saves them time and money by mitigating risk and guiding investments along the development timeline.


Our capabilities include:

3D Printing
Fast, exact models to improve product development. Battelle’s 3D printers feature polyjet and fused deposition modeling technologies for the most precise additive manufacturing solutions.

Computer Numerical Controlled Machining (Subtractive Manufacturing)
Electronically controlled machining process enhances precision for more confidence in manufacturing. Battelle’s comprehensive CNC solution is supported by the latest technology in machining.

Thermoforming System
Improved cost-efficiency through low-cost, yet accurate prototyping process.

Make your complex manufacturing simple.
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Whether building prototypes of consumer products or exploring the feasibility of generating biocompatible devices for medical applications, the advantage of scalable, accurate models allows for early detection of potential problems and decreases turnaround time.