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Pipeline Integrity

Our pipeline integrity experts can help you understand and quantify your risks, estimate the economic useful life of your infrastructure, and select mitigation options to protect your valuable assets. Battelle also is an expert in corrosion mitigation and prevention, with innovative new technologies like a corrosion detection capsule and our handheld rapid field test for microbially influenced corrosion.


Many oil & gas companies need the ability to reliably assess and repair their pipeline infrastructure. Battelle’s services and technologies help them understand and mitigate corrosion issues, improve performance and streamline production.

Battelle can help you find accurate, defensible data for global registration.
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Battelle’s highly specialized solutions include predictive data gather and utilization and chemistry and biology expertise to target investments and mitigate problems created by corrosion and other conditions.


PipeAssess PI™
Estimate remaining pipeline life and predict axial crack growth under various operating scenarios with Battelle PipeAssess P.I. This innovative software can be used for all standard oil and gas transmission and distribution line-pipe sizes and grades to ensure regulatory compliance and to guide investment in infrastructure improvement. Learn more.

This record-breaking software enables AUVs to detect and track a pipeline using existing payload sensors. The technology allows for improved inspection data, time-reductions due to fewer repeat missions and has the ability to reason logically when faced with multiple pipelines or unexpected burials. Learn more.

CoPilot remote operated vehicle (ROV) software allows a pilot to quickly plan a mission, allowing for greater control and accuracy. CoPilot permits pilot controlled auto-transit and stop-and-hover while providing automated sonar tracking and movement relative to a target, allowing the vehicle to inspect a point of interest with greater precision. Learn more.


Our services include:

Risk Assessment
Understand and predict how your pipeline components will perform under certain operating conditions. Whether that is predicting anomaly growth and the subsequent reduction in pipe integrity or understanding threats of third party extrusion, seismic loads, or otherwise external loads, we give you accurate, objective data so you can make confident decisions about infrastructure investment. Learn more.

Corrosion Detection, Prevention and Mitigation
Protect your pipelines from the dangers of corrosion. Battelle is working to expand the understanding of corrosion processes and develop new technologies and materials that resist degradation in even the harshest environments. Learn more.

Technology Assessment

Need new technology solutions to address pipeline challenges? Battelle can help you identify the best technology solutions, analyze market opportunities for existing technologies, and evaluate the potential impact of emerging technologies on your business. Learn more.


Battelle’s Pipeline Integrity services empowers Oil & Gas companies to prioritize regulatory requirements, mitigate risk and invest in new technologies. A safe, secure pipeline infrastructure leads to improved operations and lower risk.