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Battelle’s PipeAssess PI™ Axial Crack Software     

Battelle PipeAssess PI Axial Crack uses advanced analytics to help you make effective repair and replacement decisions and reduce costs through optimization of re-inspection intervals and hydrotesting. 


PipeAssess PI uses empirically derived, physics-based modeling to estimate remaining pipeline life and predict axial crack growth under various operating scenarios. With PipeAssess PI, you can: 

  • Predict the growth of axial cracks and model fracture risk under various operating conditions 
  • Make informed, evidence-based decisions for repair, replacement and maintenance of aging infrastructure 
  • Optimize the appropriate re-inspection or hydrotest intervals 
  • Reduce the frequency of hydrotesting while addressing current Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements
  • Prepare to meet future regulations for pipeline integrity management 
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PipeAssess PI is a user-friendly, highly customizable alternative to traditional software packages. The software incorporates user-defined hydrotest, operating pressure profiles and attribute inputs such as pipe geometry, material properties and crack geometry (from in-line inspection and/or in-the-ditch non-destructive examination) to provide a more complete and accurate life prediction than is possible with other software solutions. 

The software provides highly reliable modeling and prediction for axial crack growth in all standard line-pipe sizes and grades, including pipes made of brittle, quasi-brittle and ductile steels. It considers multiple mechanisms for growth including time-dependent cracking during hydrotests as well as fatigue cracking due to pressure cycles.

PipeAssess PI can be used to model growth of many types of axial crack geometries and scenarios typical to electric resistance welded (ERW) and flash welded (FW) pipe, including cold weld, hook cracks, selective seam weld corrosion, and coalescing cracks. As fluctuations in your operating conditions occur, you can run the analysis as often as you like to determine how your pipeline failure risk changes with time. 

  • Efficient algorithms promote rapid computation of results
  • Input wizards lead you down the path to choose the right inputs, even if you’re not sure of the crack type
  • The software automatically screens for erroneous data and flags problem inputs and results
  • Data visualization tools provide clear, understandable results to help operators understand how different variables impact failure risk


Compared to traditional software solutions, PipeAssess PI provides an easier, more accurate and more economical approach to pipeline integrity management. That means less frequent hydrotesting, fewer shutdowns and lower operating expense.

PipeAssess PI will help you: 

  • Reduce shutdowns and lower operating expenses
  • Accurately predict remaining pipeline life
  • Make more effective repair/replace/maintain decisions