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Information Sheets

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Upcoming Due Dates

December 6, 2021: Abstracts due.

Other Important Reminders


  • Registration Requirement: All participants are expected to register before the Conference and pay the technical-program registration fees. No financial assistance is available to support registration or other costs of attending the Conference.
  • "Co-presenters" not permitted: Each presentation is to be given by one person, and all correspondence will be sent to that person.
  • Visas: If you require a visa to travel to the U.S., please begin the visa application process immediately; the placement email you received should serve to document your scheduled appearance at the Conference. Please contact the Conference Office ( if you require additional documentation.
  • Presentation Content Approval: If additional approvals are required (management, coauthor, client, or other) to give the presentation and/or to have the materials included in the proceedings, request such approvals as soon as possible.