PowerPoint® Files

Platform Presenters Only, Slides Due January 7, 2022

Please review the  Platform Presenter Information Sheet for slide design recommendations before preparing  and submitting your file.

NOTE: All Power Point® files submitted for platform presentations will be included in the Conference proceedings. Please do not include confidential or sensitive information in your slides that you do not wish published.

New and/or revised files may not be submitted the day of your presentation at your required meeting with your Session Chairs. Please make every effort to submit your PowerPoint file by the required due date. Last-minute revisions submitted after that date may be submitted only at the Tech Support Desk onsite and must be submitted 24-hours in advance of your presentation. 

PowerPoint® Files: Instructions and Requirements 


Friday, January 7, 2022

20 slides, maximum

You will have 18 minutes for your prepared remarks, followed by a 5-minute Q&A and 2 minutes to transition to the next speaker. In general, 20 slides is the maximum number that can be used effectively for an 18-minute talk.

Use PowerPoint 2017 or earlier.

Mac versions of PowerPoint, online presentation formats (e.g., Prezi, Visme, etc.) and PDF files will not be supported. Internet connections will not be provided in the session rooms or the speaker ready room.

Use Windows Media Player®.

If you plan to use a video clip (.mpg or .avi) with your PowerPoint file, please prepare the file to be run on Windows Media Player® (not Real Audio®). Submit the video clip as a separate file, using the same upload process and at the same time as the PowerPoint file. Video files submitted in any other format may not be supported and, as such, may not be included in the proceedings. 

Proceedings: If your presentation includes video and/or extensive animations please send a PDF version of the PowerPoint® file with the video already embedded in the file and animations removed to be used for the proceedings.

File naming instructions and the upload link will be sent to the presenting author in late December 2021. 

If you have more than one platform presentation, please use the file names given in the email you receive for that presentation. Each file name will be specific to the session, time of presentation, abstract number, and speaker so please enter it carefully.