Billy Goat graphic at night

Feed the Magical Goat

Reverse Engineering Challenge

Once upon a time, there was a little reverse engineer who found a special bell. When the bell was struck, they say a magical billy goat appeared looking for food. Everyone knows billy goats will eat anything, but this is all the little reverse engineer had lying around.

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Billy Goat graphic at night

Unicorns Undercover

Multi-Architecture Shellcode Challenge

You arrive at the meeting location. It’s dark. The handoff is scheduled to take place at 10 p.m. The unicorns arrive, but you don’t see the flag. They approach you and the first one says, “push eax, call joke.” The second says, “jalr blankstare.” They stare at each other. They stare at you. They aren’t speaking the same language.

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Billy Goat graphic at night

Dragons and Dwarves

Forensics and Crypto Challenge

A wise dragon decided that dwarves were too easily stealing his treasure while he slept. To thwart these villains he has placed his prized possessions inside a magic portal that transmutes the valuables into worthless junk unless one knew the magic pass phrase.

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