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Determining Ultra-Trace Measurements

We can handle non-routine analysis for unusual chemicals.
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Analytical Lab Services

When you need accurate, defensible data, trust Battelle. We do more than routine analytical testing – we solve problems. Battelle is advancing the science of specialized analytical chemistry through the creation of new methods that allow us to work with difficult analytes and challenging matrices. 


Determining the presence and extent of environmental contamination in various sources of environmental media can be challenging. Battelle provides high-quality, cost-effective chemistry consulting and analytical laboratory services to determine ultra-trace measurement of chemicals in all environmental media of importance. 

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We provide study design, analysis planning, field sampling and high-quality trace-level analysis for commercial and government clients across a range of industries. Our codified analytical chemistry methods with ultra-low detection limits meet the most demanding risk-based analysis programs. Battelle offers laboratory services for non-routine analyses and method development for unusual chemicals or media that cannot be addressed through the use of standard U.S. EPA or similar analytical protocols. 


Specialized Trace-Level Analysis
Accurately measure a broad spectrum of trace-level contaminants, including Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs), in sediments, soils, oils, non-aqueous phase liquids (NAPLs), biological tissues, urine, blood, water, air and food. Battelle provides defensible data with low-level method detection limits (MDLs) and rigorous method quality objectives (MQOs).

Environmental Forensics
Detect and identify hydrocarbons in sensitive environments and track their dispersion, transformation and ultimate fate. Battelle’s team of experienced hydrocarbon chemists offers rapid response, accurate analysis and an integrated analytical and statistical approach to complex hydrocarbon mixtures and forensics.

Product Formulation Analysis
Make strategic product decisions and document emerging product formulation trends in the quickly changing detergent, household chemical and personal care markets. Though we perform this analysis for a wide range of household chemicals and personal care products, we offer a subscription-based program for detergent analysis: The Battelle World Detergent Program. The program provides cost-effective and timely analysis of more than 260 individual products annually to provide the most comprehensive picture of industry trends available.

Method Development
Have a non-standard issue? Our team of experienced analytical chemists can help. Battelle has helped develop and evaluate rigorous methods for complex analytical needs and non-standard methods.


Battelle delivers robust, sensitive and defensible data to our clients – thanks to a combination of laboratory facilities equipped with state-of- the-art instrumentation and analytical equipment coupled with our staff's scientific expertise in developing and applying sample preparation and analysis procedures.

NELAP Laboratory Logo
Our laboratories hold environmental accreditation under NELAC and DoD ELAP. 

Target Analyte Lists and Method Detection Limits

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