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Water Systems & Quality

Find sustainable water and wastewater solutions, and extend the life of your water infrastructure systems with practical, affordable solutions. Battelle applies industry-leading expertise to evaluate emerging technologies and recommend innovative solutions that balance economic, environmental and social concerns.


Protecting valuable assets and extending the life of water infrastructure systems is a challenge for many. Battelle enables you to do so with practical, affordable solutions. 

Battelle is accelerating sustainable infrastructure solutions.
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Our services include:

Water Infrastructure and Component Evaluation

Develop and implement new processes for water and wastewater management. 

  • Water distribution pipes, liners, valves and service connectors

  • Wastewater collection system pipes, liners and grouts 

  • Wastewater lateral main pipes, liners and connectors

  • Manhole repair liners, materials and sealants 

  • Stormwater system pipes, liners and grouts

New Technology Integration & Optimization

Make your operations more effective and affordable. 

  • Third-party material and product evaluations 

  • Innovative technology field demonstrations and evaluations 

  • Advanced material testing and characterization

  • Case study compilation for comparative analysis

Water Infrastructure Component Evaluation

Ensure new process and product performance.

  • Water system evaluation

  • Pipeline inspection technologies

  • Leak detection techniques

  • Water main renewal

  • Wastewater infrastructure renewal

  • Project quality assurance/quality control


Speed approval and adoption of improved infrastructure components with accurate, unbiased evaluation and analysis. Make your operations more effective and affordable. Evaluate new products, materials and processes to meet water infrastructure challenges.