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Battelle Solvers

We have some of the best employees working to solve the world’s most difficult challenges.

Neurotechnology Experts

  • Photo: Nick Annetta, Battelle Neurotechnology Research Scientist

    Nick Annetta

    Research Scientist

    Nick Annetta is an electrical engineer with more than eight years of experience in the medical device field. His background is in electronic hardware design and data processing. His experience covers a wide range of medical devices including small on-body sensors, high flux radiation detectors, and drug delivery devices.

  • Photo: Sam Colachis, Battelle Neurotech Biomedical Engineer

    Sam Colachis


    Sam Colachis is a biomedical engineer focused on medical device research and development. Sam has over three years of experience in neurorehabilitation technology and a strong passion for improving the lives of individuals with neurological disorders. He has an extensive background in physiological signal processing, mathematical and computational modeling of biological systems, and experience with machine learning. 

  • Photo: David Friedenberg,  Battelle Neurotechnology Statistician

    David Friedenberg


    Dave Friedenberg is a Senior Research Statistician and the Team Lead for Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence in the Advanced Analytics group at Battelle. Dave is a co-investigator on the NeuroLife clinical trial and leads the Battelle NeuroLife™ technology Algorithms and Data Science team that processes neural data from a paralyzed subject with a 96-electrode sensor implanted in his motor cortex.

  • Patrick-Ganzer-246x160

    Patrick Ganzer

    Principal Research Scientist

    Patrick Ganzer is advancing medicine at the interface between the nervous system and technology. His work is helping patients with neurological and physiological diseases regain lost function and independence. Patrick is working on the cutting edge of bioelectronic medicine, neural stimulation, neural signal processing and brain-computer interfaces.

  • Photo: Michael Schwemmer, Battelle Neurotech Data Scientist

    Michael Schwemmer

    Data Scientist

    Michael Schwemmer is a data scientist/applied mathematician with more than seven years of experience applying computational and mathematical techniques to problems in the fields of neuroscience, psychology, genomics and physics. At Battelle, Michael has worked on a number of projects applying statistical and machine learning methods to find solutions for private and government clients.

  • Gaurav-Sharma-246x160

    Gaurav Sharma

    Senior Research Scientist

    As the Principal Investigator and Senior Research Scientist on the Battelle Medical Devices and Neuromodulation team, he is applying advanced engineering to overcome problems in the human body and brain. Since joining Battelle in 2011, Gaurav has served as the lead investigator on a number of cutting-edge projects involving nanomedicine, neuromodulation and brain-computer interfaces.

  • Photo: Nick Skomrock, Battelle Neurotechnology Data Scientist

    Nicholas Skomrock

    Data Scientist

    Nick Skomrock is an applied statistician and data scientist actively working to make sense of data across a variety of disciplines from genetics to neuroscience. His work focuses on using a mixture of machine learning and traditional statistical methods to address real-world biological problems. 

  • Douglas-Weber-246x160

    Douglas Weber

    Director of Neurotechnology Research and Development

    Millions of people in the U.S. and around the world are impacted by spinal cord injuries, stroke, traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and other problems with the central and peripheral nervous systems. Douglas Weber, Ph.D.,has made it his life’s work to find technology solutions that can help them. A professor of Bioengineering at the University of Pittsburgh and a neurotechnology pioneer, Doug is Battelle's Director of Neurotechnology Research and Development.