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Journal Articles 

  1. Bockbrader M., Annetta N., Friedenberg D., Schwemmer M., Skomrock N., Colachis S., Zhang M., Bouton C., Rezai A., Sharma G., Mysiw W.J. Clinically significant gains in skillful grasp coordination by an individual with tetraplegia using an implanted brain-computer interface with forearm transcutaneous muscle stimulation, Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (accepted)

  2. Annetta N.V., Friend J., Schimmoeller A., Buck V.S., Friedenberg D.A., Bouton C.E., Bockbrader M.A., Ganzer P., Colachis S., Zhang M., Mysiw W.J., Rezai A.R., Sharma G. A High Definition Non-invasive Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation System for Cortical Control of Combinatorial Rotary Hand Movements in a Human with Tetraplegia, IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering (Early Access) doi: 10.1109/TBME.2018.2864104.  

  3. Zhang M., Schwemmer M., Ting J., Majstorovic C., Friedenberg D., Bockbrader M., Mysiw J., Rezai A., Annetta N., Bouton C., Bresler H., and Sharma G., Extracting wavelet based neural features from human intracortical recordings for neuroprosthetics applications, Bioelectronic Medicine 4:11; 2018

  4. Colachis S. Bockbrader M., Zhang M., Skomrock N., Mysiw W., Rezai A., Bresler H., Sharma G., Dexterous Control of Seven Functional Hand Movements Using Cortically-Controlled Transcutaneous Muscle Stimulation in a Person with Tetraplegia, Frontiers in Neuroscience 12: 208; 2018

  5. Friedenberg D., Schwemmer M., Landgraf A., Annetta N., Bockbrader M., Bouton C., Zhang M., Rezai A., Mysiw J., Bresler H., Sharma G., Neuroprosthetic-enabled control of graded arm muscle contraction in a paralyzed human, Scientific Reports 7:8386; 2017

  6. Sharma G., Friedenberg D., Annetta N., Glenn B., Majstorovic C., Domas S., Bockbrader M., Mysiw J., Rezai A., Bouton C., Using an Artificial Neural Bypass to Restore Cortical Control of Rhythmic Movements in a Human with Quadriplegia, Scientific Reports 6:33807; 2016

  7. Bouton C., Shaikhouni A., Annetta N., Bockbrader M., Friedenberg D., Nielson D., Sharma G., Sederberg P., Glenn B., Mysiw J., Morgan A., Deogaonkar M., Rezai A., Restoring Cortical Control of Functional Movement in a Human with Quadriplegia, Nature 533:247–250; 12 May 2016

  8. Sharma G., Annetta N., Friedenberg D., Shaikhouni A., Blanco T., Rezai A., Bouton C., Time Stability and Coherence Analysis of Multi-Unit, Single-Unit and Local Field Potential Neuronal Signals in Chronically Implanted Brain Electrodes, Bioelectronic Medicine 2:63-71; 2015

Book Chapter

  1. Sharma G., Friedenberg D., Annetta N., Bockbrader M., “Advances in BCI: A Neural Bypass Technology to Reconnect the Brain to the Body”, Invited Chapter in Brain-Computer Interface Research: A State-of-the-Art Summary 6, Editor: Christoph Guger, Springer, 2017 


  1. 2017 Finalist, ACRM Rehab Tech Competition, NeuroLife Stroke Rehabilitation Platform

  2. 2016 Winner, R&D 100 Awards (Three awards: Best Technology, Editor’s choice, Social Responsibility)

  3. 2016 The 2016 Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Awards

  4. 2016 Winner (1st position), Annual Brain Computer Interface (BCI) award, BCI Society

  5. 2016 President’s Technical Achievement Award, Battelle

  6. 2015 Best Abstract Award, International Neuromodulation Society Annual Meeting

Conference Proceedings/Poster Presentations

  1. Annetta N., Sharma G., Shaikhouni A., Bockbrader M., Friedenberg D., Glenn B., Mysiw J., Rezai A., Bouton C., “Chronically Implanted Neuroprosthetic for Cortical Control of Hand Movements in a Tetraplegic Human”, North America Neuromod. Soc. 19th Annual Meeting, Dec 10-13, 2015, Las Vegas, NV.

  2. C. Bouton, N. Annetta, D. Friedenberg, G. Sharma, W. Mysiw, and A. Rezai, “Implanted Motor Neuroprosthetic for Real-Time Cortical Control of Hand Movements in a Human with Tetraplegia," International Neuromodulation Society 12th World Congress. June, 2015; Montreal, Canada. (Won the Best Abstract Award)

  3. Sharma G. Friedenberg D., Annetta N, Morgan A. Mysiw J., Rezai A., Bouton C., “Analysis of Intracortical Signals from a Chronically Implanted Brain-Computer Interface in a Human with Tetraplegia”, Int. Neuromod. Soc. 12th World Congress, June 6-11, 2015, Montreal, Canada.

  4. Friedenberg D., Sharma G., Annetta N., Morgan A., Mysiw J., Rezai A., Bouton C., "A Tool for Optimizing Neural Decoder Performance for Chronically Implanted Brain-Computer Interfaces", Int. Neuromod. Soc. 12th World Congress, 2015, Montreal, Canada.

  5. Annetta N., Sharma G., et. al. “Neural Bridging System to Link Cortical Activity to High Definition Stimulation for Wrist and Finger Movement in a Tetraplegic Subject”, 7th International IEEE EMBS Neural Engineering Conference, April 22-24, 2015, Montpellier, France.

  6. Annetta N., Buck V., Eubanks F., Friend J., Glenn B., Masters M., Schimmoeller A., and Bouton C., “High Definition Neuromuscular Stimulation System for Hand and Wrist Movement in a Tetraplegic Subject,” IEEE EMBS Conference on Neural Engineering. November 2013; San Diego, CA.

  7. Bermeo T., Sharma G., Bouton C., Burnaugh A., Annetta N., "Experiences in Implanting Microelectrode Arrays (MEA) for Chronic Neural Recording in Non-human Primates", 29th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Surgical Research, September 26-28, 2013, Clearwater Beach, FL.

  8. C. Bouton, N. Annetta, B. Glenn, W. Mysiw, and A. Rezai, "Neural Bridging and High Definition Neuromuscular Stimulation in Tetraplegia,” 11th World Congress of the International Neuromodulation Society, June 8-13, 2013, Berlin, Germany. 

  9. Bouton C. and Annetta N., “Neural Bridging: Recoding Motor Cortex Activity and Linking to High Resolution Neuromuscular Stimulation,” North American Neuromodulation Society, 16th Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, NV (6-9 Dec 2012). 

  10. Bouton C., Annetta N., Arora S., Buck V., Eubanks C., Friend J., Glenn B., Mack N., Masters M., Schimmoeller A., “High Definition Neuromuscular Stimulation and Encoding,” IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference Brain Machine Interface Workshop, San Diego, CA (Sep 2012)