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Working Beyond the Ordinary We've got decades of experience in developing and validating novel study protocols.

Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Toxicology

Condense development timelines and streamline study protocols with integrated cardiovascular and pulmonary services from Battelle. We offer a comprehensive package of cardiovascular and pulmonary studies for safety pharmacology and product safety testing, backed by decades of experience in developing and validating novel study protocols.


Safety Pharmacology: Get the accurate, reliable results you need for FDA approval. Battelle applies in-depth scientific expertise, standardized protocols with known delivery timelines, and close communication with clients to accelerate the drug development process. Learn more

Environmental toxicology: Get clear, defensible data for product registration, environmental impact studies or remediation efforts. We provide environmental toxicology studies for agrochemicals, chemical and biological warfare agents, and chemicals used by the oil & gas and manufacturing industries.

Occupational exposure: Understand the health and safety impact of chemicals used in industrial processes. Battelle’s toxicology studies provide clear answers for manufacturers and regulatory agencies. 

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Battelle leads the industry in simultaneous GLP cardiovascular/pulmonary safety pharmacology assessments.

We deliver: 
  • GLP-compliant safety pharmacology studies in multiple species
  • State-of-the-art implanted telemetry for highly accurate, automated monitoring and data collection
  • In-house pathology and analytical and bioanalytical chemistry staff and laboratories for end-to-end service, including pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics studies
  • Integrated CNS, cardiovascular and pulmonary testing and data collection to streamline your pre-clinical trial programs


Our cardiovascular and pulmonary toxicology services include:

researchers working in a labTelemetry
Implantable radiotelemetry allows for accurate measurements of many parameters in conscious test subjects. Integrated intravenous dosing, cardiovascular and TK data collection to streamline your pre-clinical trial programs using the CULEX device.

physicians working in an operating roomAnesthetized Cardiovascular Preparation
Acute anesthetized models to collect cardiovascular data are available for circumstances when ambulatory methods such as telemetry are not applicable. Additional determinations such as blood flow can be performed in conjunction with the cardiovascular evaluations. Acute anesthetized models are available for circumstances when ambulatory methods such as telemetry are not applicable.

researcher working in a labIsolated Heart Langendorff/Ex Vivo Assay
We conduct high-throughput ex vivo dose escalation studies to deliver fast, accurate measurements of the direct effects of drugs or chemicals on the heart. Isolated heart studies are an excellent screening tool for early stage drug development.

researcher working in a labPulmonary
Pulmonary function determinations can be performed alone or in conjunction with cardiovascular evaluations in un-anesthetized large and small test systems. Assays include helmeted plethysmography or jacketed respiratory inductive plethysmography (RIP) bands. Additional pulmonary function evaluations can be performed in anesthetized preparations.


When you come to Battelle, you’ll find world-class expertise and dedicated, state-of-the-art facilities with everything you need to complete your study, from initial study design to regulatory support. And if your study requires an approach beyond the ordinary, don’t worry. At Battelle, we don’t just collect data – we solve problems.