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Complete Package of CNS Testing We'll help you move your products to clinical trials more efficiently.

Neurobehavioral Testing & Analysis

Let Battelle help you move through the regulatory process with confidence. Whether you need end-to-end service or targeted support, our scientists will work directly with you to design studies to meet your goals.


Battelle offers a complete package of central nervous system (CNS) testing for safety pharmacology, drug development and the industrial and agrochemical industry, and environmental toxicology.

We go beyond standard testing batteries to help you solve problems and move your products to clinical trials more efficiently. We deliver:

  • High-throughput testing of multiple species in a dedicated, GLP-compliant facility
  • Fully automated, validated equipment with electronic data capture to expedite data collection and analysis
  • Sophisticated analysis of objective, quantitative data to discover subtle neurobehavioral effects
  • Integrated CNS, cardiovascular and pulmonary testing and data collection to streamline your pre-clinical trial programs

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The Battelle Neurobehavioral Laboratory has state-of-the-art facilities for high-throughput testing. Our highly qualified staff has proven experience in the full range of neurobehavioral testing options.

Tier I Testing
mouse(Functional observational battery (FOB) or modified Irwin test) Tier I testing provides the initial investigation into potential neurotoxic effects. Tier I testing utilizes a battery of home cage, handling and open field tests to screen for potential neurotoxicity and includes:

  • ~40 tests to assess excitability, neuromuscular coordination, general activity, posture, grip strength, presence of tremors or convulsions, autonomic nervous system function, spontaneous activity, motor activity, arousal, sensory/motor reflex responses and body temperature

Tier II Testing

researcher working in a lab

More sophisticated behavioral testing when triggered by concern from Tier I tests. The goal of Tier II testing is to characterize the nature of neurotoxicity seen in Tier I by quantifying effects on motor function, sensorimotor function and cognitive behavior using complex tasks. These include:

  • Locomotor Activity Assessment: Motor Monitor System
  • Sensorimotor Gating: Acoustic Startle System
  • Motor Coordination: Rotarod/Accelarod Units
  • Gait Analysis: DigiGait Imaging Device
  • Learning and Memory: Morris Water Maze
  • Anxiety and Emotionality: Elevated Plus Maze
Tier III Testing

researcher working in a labTier III testing helps uncover the mechanisms underlying neurotoxic effects seen in Tier I and II tests. At Battelle, some of these include:

  • EEG with simultaneous behavioral monitoring capability
  • Special staining for detailed neurohistopathological analysis


When you come to Battelle, you’ll find world-class expertise and dedicated, state-of-the-art facilities with everything you need to complete your study, from initial study design to regulatory support. And if your study requires an approach beyond the ordinary, don’t worry. At Battelle, we don’t just collect data – we solve problems.