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Tobacco Research

The landscape for tobacco and nicotine products has changed dramatically over the last decade. Where can healthcare workers and policy makers find the latest research on the newest products? For more than 50 years, public health agencies have counted on Battelle for objective, science-based answers to complex questions surrounding tobacco and nicotine use and exposure.


Battelle brings together the world’s best researchers, facilities and methods to help the public health community understand the range of tobacco and nicotine products available, how consumers use those products and the risks associated with them. 

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Our team focuses on some of today’s most critical – and complicated – clinical and behavioral questions. Our cutting-edge research includes product characterization, human exposure studies and behavioral studies of both traditional tobacco products and emerging delivery mechanisms such as e-cigarettes, waterpipes and new oral delivery products.


Product Characterization and Toxicity

We accurately characterize conventional and emerging new tobacco and nicotine products and evaluate how their physical and chemical properties affect human exposure risks.

  • Product Characterization: We use state-of-the-art instrumentation and unique characterization technologies to accurately measure volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds (VOCs/SVOCs), heavy metals and particles.

  • Smoking Topography Studies: Our puff topography equipment helps to analyze how smoking behavior affects exposure and how product design influences puffing behavior.

  • Human Exposure Studies: We conduct controlled studies to measure biomarkers in human exhaled breath, saliva and blood to accurately quantify exposure levels.

Behavioral Research

Our sophisticated smoking chambers allow for discreet observation and precise measurement of smoking behavior in a comfortable and controlled environment.

  • User Behavior: Survey, observational and experimental studies help us to understand how product characteristics may influence user behavior and choices.

  • User Perception: Sophisticated survey and observational methods allow us to measure user perception and evaluate how perceptions influence user behavior.

  • Dependence and Withdrawal: We study dependence, craving and withdrawal behaviors and symptoms for a wide variety of nicotine products.


We bring together leading experts in behavioral science, analytical and physical chemistry, pharmacology, psychology, toxicology and related disciplines to answer complex health questions. Our research is grounded in solid, objective science and proven methods to deliver trusted data for regulation and public policy.