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Science for a Healthier Human Race

We help monitor and respond to a wide range of threats to human health.

Global Health

In today’s connected world, a global focus on health is more important than ever. Battelle is improving the health of people worldwide through science-based programs for biosurveillance, food security, public health preparedness, exposure assessment and biodefense. We work with the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) and other agencies in the U.S. and around the world to reduce threats to global health, from Ebola outbreaks to chemical weapons exposure.


Our team works with agencies and public health organizations across the globe to monitor and respond to a wide range of threats to human health, including infectious disease, food security, hazardous exposures and biological or chemical attacks. We are focused on building local capacity and strengthening worldwide networks to improve biosecurity and global health. 

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Battelle brings extensive subject matter expertise in a range of related disciplines, including epidemiology, medical readiness and response, toxicology, hazardous materials management, public health, data analytics, and chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRNE) defense. We can pull from expertise across Battelle to put together the right team to address any global health challenge. Our presence is worldwide. We currently have teams working in Afghanistan, Armenia, Vietnam, Iraq, Tanzania and Georgia. We have deep experience in building in-country response capacity and developing laboratory networks to improve global response. 


Occupational and Environmental Health
Reduce the risks and liabilities associated with occupational and environmental exposures. Battelle combines expertise in occupational medicine, environmental health and industrial hygiene to help military clients prevent, protect against, respond to and recover from threats related to toxic industrial chemicals and other occupational hazards. Learn more.

On-Site Lab Management
We have years of experience of overseeing critical global health projects for the CDC and other government agencies. Our expertise includes repository management of high-risk biological specimens. Learn more.

Food and Agricultural Security Preparedness 
Battelle is working to identify and protect against potential threats to our food supply. Our team helps national and local agencies and agricultural producers develop practical plans for food and agricultural security. Our services include food safety programs to protect food supplies from food-borne pathogens or contamination and predictive analytics to analyze potential food security threats. 

Exposure Assessment 
Chemical, biological and radiological hazards create complex public health challenges. Battelle provides expert exposure assessment and hazard analysis to help determine the magnitude, frequency and duration of exposure; the sources and pathways of exposure; and the resulting human health risks for the exposed population. Our services include reach-back assessment, hazard analysis, laboratory diagnostics, laboratory system set-up, and training in biosafety, epidemiology, emergency response and other related fields.

We’re working to strengthen the ability of public health organizations around the globe to monitor and respond to infectious disease threats, including influenza, food-borne illnesses and emerging pathogens. For decades, we have worked with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on biosurveillance programs for influenza, Zika, Ebola and other infectious diseases. We are building laboratory networks around the world to monitor emerging disease threats and improve biosecurity.   

Illness is a frequent and critical threat to public health. Battelle provides gap analysis assessments and medical training to improve surveillance, reporting and response. Learn more

Civilian Public Health Preparedness 

We help civilian health organizations evaluate, refine and implement response plans for emerging infectious diseases and other potential public health hazards. Our team brings together expertise in public health, emergency management, epidemiology, preventive medicine, medical entomology, healthcare administration and related allied health and emergency response fields. 


Our programs are improving health for people worldwide. Our practical, science-based approaches focus on achievable solutions for complex global health challenges. We help countries and agencies mitigate threats to human health and reduce the risks of potentially destabilizing global health emergencies.