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Battelle SiteGuard® Active Shooter Response

SiteGuard Active Shooter Response (ASR) is designed to save lives by detecting, locating and responding to gunfire – automatically – to reduce response time in the first critical and chaotic minutes of an incident.


From the first gunshot until police intervention, SiteGuard ASR automates and accelerates 911 calls and notifications, triggers building lockdown and evacuation procedures and denies or delays shooter access to additional victims, all while simultaneously providing valuable information to first responders to improve their response and increase victim and officer safety.

It can be used in just about any type of facility – government and military facilities, commercial facilities and educational institutions.

Safeguard against active shooter events.
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SiteGuard ASR has a six-step process:


  1. Detect: Detect all gunshots with inexpensive gunshot detection sensors.

  2. Locate: Location data displayed on SiteGuard Control Center.

  3. Verify: Control Center directs cameras and replays gunshot audio to confirm presence of an active shooter.

  4. Alert: Distress calls automatically initiated. Building occupants alerted of incident type and location throughout the incident. 

  5. Respond: First responders receive detailed information (number, location of gunshots) in near real time, even before arriving on the scene. 

  6. Protect: Utilize automatic and remote control of building lockdown, evacuation and communication tools to protect building occupants until police can intervene. 


SiteGuard ASR features:
  • Detection of all types of firearms
  • Detection, location and tracking of shooter(s)
  • Alerts sent within 1 second
  • Near zero false alarms
  • Flexible "man-in-the-loop" verification
  • Optional audio replay of gunfire for human verification
  • Optional streaming room audio, or two-way communication
  • Mature SiteGuard building monitoring and control platform
  • Integration with outdoor gunshot, chemical, biological and radiological sensors
Learn more about how SiteGuard ASR works.  


Battelle's SiteGuard system has been protecting high risk facilities from physical threats for more than 10 years. The Active Shooter Response module adds gunshot detection sensors and goes above and beyond other gunshot and shooter detection systems on the market by automating building actions to protect occupants – saving lives and time until police arrive.