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Commercial Facility Security

A study by the FBI found commercial businesses and buildings, including malls and public gathering places, are the targets in nearly 50 percent of all active shooter incidents in the U.S. The same study identified that 60 percent of active shootings will be over before police arrive, leaving building occupants to fend for themselves for most, if not all, of the event. 

This reality demands more be done to protect employees and customers in the event of an active shooter event in commercial buildings. Battelle provides businesses a robust building safety and security solution in the form of SiteGuard® Active Shooter Response (ASR) – a gunshot detection and active shooter response system that relies on scientific, acoustic and visual data to speed responses, eliminate confusion and protect building occupants in the critical first minutes of an incident.

In an era when active shootings are more frequent than ever, now is the time to take steps to protect your business.

graphic showing location categories of active shooter incidents

Beyond Basic Gunshot Detection

SiteGuard ASR offers more than just gunshot detection and alerts. In real time, SiteGuard ASR assists government and military security and law enforcement in active shooter events:

  • Be alerted to gunshots coming from anywhere inside or outside the building
  • Automate 911 calls, building alarms, emergency notifications and evacuation instructions
  • Activate and selectively control the lockdown of a building or campus
  • Isolate the shooter(s), limiting their movement within a controlled area
  • Assess the situation safely from a remote location
  • Providing law enforcement and other first responders unprecedented visibility into the incident from the first shots

The SiteGuard ASR Solution

SiteGuard ASR has a six-step process:

  1. Detect: Detect all gunshots with inexpensive gunshot detection sensors.

  2. Locate: Location data displayed on SiteGuard Control Center.

  3. Verify: Control Center directs cameras and replays gunshot audio to confirm presence of an active shooter.

  4. Alert: Distress calls automatically initiated. Building occupants alerted of incident type and location throughout the incident. 

  5. Respond: First responders receive detailed information (number, location of gunshots) in near real time, even before arriving on the scene. 

  6. Protect: Utilize automatic and remote control of building lockdown, evacuation and communication tools to protect building occupants until police can intervene.